Surprising Ways to Stop Shoes from Squeaking – Guide 2023

Last month, I bought a pair of shoes that were too awesome. I was happy to have them. But, to my luck, they were squeaking at each step. That situation made me explore surprising ways to stop shoes from squeaking.

During my search, I found that stopping shoes from squeaking is not too difficult.

Do you know?

Squeaky flip flops can be controlled and it’s a common issue in a large variety of shoes. I have found some quick methods on how to stop flip flops from squeaking?

If you are facing the same issue with a new pair of shoes, just stay with us.

Of course,

You would not like to use these shoes with the same issue. Or returning these shoes would not be easy after spending a good amount of pennies.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you surprising ways to stop shoes from squeaking.

Before going in depth about these methods, it’s necessary to know the meaning of “squeaky.”

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What does it mean when your shoes squeak?

What does it mean when your shoes squeak

New shoes, sometimes, produce a sound during a walk. This is the squeaking sound, actually. This sound may be the escaping air or the rubbing internal parts.

In addition, the twisting of the sole may be the reason for this issue.


Whatever the reason may be, it’s still disturbing and embracing. As a result, you should fix this issue as quickly as it is found.

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Why do shoes squeak?


Different reasons are there to make your shoes squeak. So, each needs a unique strategy to fix it.

The smooth bottom of the sole is a reason for the squeaking shoes. Specifically, this problem gets enhanced on the floor of tiles.

In case,

The sole gets loose, the gaps appear in them. So, water or air gets trapped in it. As you step on the floor, a squeaking sound is produced. In addition, there might be a rubbing problem between the insole and other internal parts.  The result is the same, squeaking.

Leather shoes are greater squeaking than the other shoes but can be solved by the mentioned strategies.

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Surprising Ways to stop shoes from squeaking

Surprising Ways to Stop Shoes from Squeaking

We agree that squeaking shoes can make you regret your choice. But, the very good news is here in your wait.

You can fix this issue at home.

Yeah! It’s possible.

We know, you get too excited to know it’s hot solutions. So, we would not let you wait. Let us explore them at the same instant.

1- Use a dryer to stop squeaking

Use a dryer to stop squeaking

A good reason for squeaking shoes is the trapped water. Actually, the gaps may house water in it to produce this disturbing sound. Permanently removing this water may be the quick solution.

What do you need to do?

Try to make your shoes as dry as possible and there would no more this frustrating sound.

Pour a small quantity of fabric softener onto a sponge. alternatively, you can use cloth for this purpose.


Add it in the dryer followed by the squeaking shoes. Let it dry for at least 10 minutes. Continue this process until all water gets dry. We are sure, there would be no more sounds when you walk.

2- Use baby powder to stop squeaking

Use baby powder to stop squeaking

Not every home has a dryer. You do not need to worry in this case. We have come up with a different and cheap strategy that is nothing but baby powder.

Don’t be surprised!

It’s quite possible. So, you are required to uncover the insole. After removing it, sprinkle a good amount of baby powder. Actually, baby powder has a natural tendency to absorb moisture.

So, it would do the same task in your shoe. Don’t forget to sprinkle it around the edge of the insole. Repeat it until all the water gets finished.

3- Use petroleum jelly to stop squeaking

Use petroleum jelly to stop squeaking

You can use petroleum jelly only the squeaking reason is the friction between the insole and shoe interior.

Avoiding this friction would solve the problem for sure.

The strategy is,

Remove the insole and lubricate the interior with any greasy things like vaseline or petroleum jelly. So, there would be zero rubbings between its parts.

The result would be the solution to the problem.

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Wrapping up

At this point, we have discussed the surprising ways to stop shoes from squeaking. Our study says that there is more than one reason for squeaking the shoes. So, the only solution is work that is instrumental to fix that specific reason.

What is a very good point?

Congratulations! You do not need to deal with technical methods or manage with expensive solutions.

But, you should be sharp enough to diagnose the reason for the squeaking sound. As a result, the fixing would be easier.

Stop here,

Note that the squeaking is not a permanent problem. You can fix it at home and walk with confidence.

In the end, don’t forget to tell us what reason you have found and how you fix it. Is this article helpful to you? Drop your feedback in the comments section.

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