How To Wash Tennis Shoes? – [Comprehensive Guide]

You go to the office or school, you are a college student or university going, shoes play a very important role in your personality. Some lazy people don’t bother to clean their shoes. The same is the case with playing shoes. These shoes need the same level of cleanness as does office shoes.

Don’t forget, when you play in public, people judge your personality from your shoes. And, if your shoes would be clean, it will give a good impact.

Suppose, you are an international tennis player and people like to meet you and want to have an autograph from you before the match. If your shoes would be clean, then you would feel confident. But, The problem is your tennis shoes getting tidy every time you play.

Don’t worry, the shoes are meant to get dirty. But, you should know when they need to be clean. Don’t let them too dirty to wash. Persistent dust on the shoes leaves bad strains on them.

Here comes the need to know how to wash tennis shoes. Washing your shoes increase their lifespan, removes strains, and eliminates the bad odor. It is the best method to save money.

Clean Tennis Shoes By Machine

Shoes are made up of a different type of material so, it is the tennis shoe texture that decides either they should be washed in the machine or not.

That’s not enough, typically, canvas and nylon-made tennis shoes can wash into the machine because it’s made up of good material. The main thing is machine did not affect the material of canvas and nylon.

Things you need to wash tennis shoes

Things you need to wash shoes

  • Toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Piece of cloth
  • Small bowl

Below mentioned points will guide you on how to wash tennis shoes.

  • First, add an equal amount of water and washing soda for making a paste. Keep in mind that the paste should not be dense enough nor too flowing.
  • Have some paste on the toothbrush.
  • By rubbing gently from the brush, remove the strains from the shoes. You can also remove strain with a piece of cloths.
  • Don’t forget to remove liners from the inner side of the shoes.
  • Put your shoes in pillow cover or mesh bags and don’t forget to add laces.
  • Now, put these shoes containing bags in the washing machine and add a little amount of detergent.
  • Rinse the shoes with water and place them somewhere to dry.

Composition of tennis shoes

Some tennis shoes are made up of leather or patent leather. This material is, really, delicate and needs to be washed by hands.

Things you need to wash your shoes by hand

Things you need to wash your shoes by hand

  • Alcohol
  • Piece of cloth
  • Brush

However, you have to follow the advice when you wash your shoes from outside.

  • Make a mixture of alcohol and water with a three to one ratio.
  • Dip a piece of cloth into the alcohol and water mixture.
  • Then rub the outer surface of the shoes, gently, with the piece of cloth.

Then leave your shoes to dry at a place where the sun does not shine directly on the shoes. Otherwise, the shoe’s surface would be highly damaged by the direct heat.

Gentle care

It’s not necessary to clean your shoes after a long time when they are almost sluggish. You can also properly clean them, at once, when it becomes dirty. So in this way you need gentle care to avoid permanent stains.

Small spots on the shoes may be removed from warm soapy water with an old toothbrush. If there is a dark spot on your shoes, which can’t be removed with warm soapy water, then you don’t need to worry.

Here is the solution

Have a small amount of toothpaste or baking soda mixed with water. Then dip the brush or cloth in this water and move over the strain in a circular motion. I hope the dark spot will disappear by using this remedy!

One more thing, the firm marks on the sole can easily be removed by the nail polish remover and a soft cloth. Continue this practice in a circular motion until the disappearance of those strains.

If you want to restore their shine and protect the surface, you should apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the clean part and then cover them with a piece of cloth.

Drying The Tennis Shoes

In some cases, you need to dry your shoes at once after washing. So there are some immediate plans to dry your shoes at once.

Disinfecting germs on the top of the shoes
Dry your shoes from the dryer

From the dryer, you can dry the shoes by adjusting the dryer setting. The temperature should be medium for 15-20 minutes. At very high temperatures the surface of shoes may be damaged.

Check your shoes from the inner side. Continue to dry for 15 minutes if your shoes are still wet.

Dry your shoes from air

Air dry is the most efficient method and useful if you don’t need your shoes to dry immediately after washing. Hang the shoes from laces or place them on the flask rack. Sometimes sunlight also works as an excellent dryer and disinfector.

Disinfecting germs on the top of the shoes

The following chemicals can easily remove germs from your shoe top. Because germs are in the air and they are not only restricted to the sole.

Following chemicals can be used as disinfectants:

Final Words

When you play tennis shoes get dirty at once. So you need to pay good attention to their cleanness. Use one of the above-mentioned remedies and have a nicer result.

Our post will not only give you a better solution to clean your shoes but also tells you which material is needed to wash by hand and machine.

We know, these remedies will remove all the strains from your shoes and it would be, also, economical for you. If you are from an average family and not have enough money to get your tennis shoes after every two or three months, then this post is for you.

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