How to Wash Cloth Tennis Shoes – Complete Guide 2023

How to wash cloth tennis shoes would let you remove bad strains and smell from the shoes. You know, players have to continue game and training for multiple hours. This practice attracts more dust and sweating smells in the shoes.


Washing these shoes is very necessary to keep them clean and dust-free. In addition to washing, giving general care to the shoes prevents stubborn marks from developing. In this article, we would let you know about how to wash cloth shoes.

Multiple washing ways are there that offer neat and clean shoes. The basic lies in what kind of marks are present on your shoes. The shoes may have simple dust or hard marks. The process of washing varies accordingly.

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How to wash cloth sneakers?

Two prominent ways can be adopted for washing tennis shoes. One is hand washing while the other is machine washing. Both processes are good to go. But their demand depends on the kind of marks and dust.

We would discuss both processes one by one.

How to wash your tennis shoes in the washing machine?

how to wash cloth tennis shoes by washing machine

Cloth tennis shoes are good to wash in a machine. The fibers are too strong that they can withstand the force of the machine. To wash tennis shoes from a machine, the following steps are necessary.

  • Remove dust

Take a brush and rub the external surface of the shoes. This practice would remove the loose dirt from the shoes.

  • Remove laces

Remove the laces from the shoes. Put them into the pillow cover and tie them from the top. After that, you can process them for cleaning in the machine. Actually, laces have a greater tendency to get entangled. That’s why we wash them separately.

  • Push towel in machine

Add one or two towels to the washing machine. This trick would offer you double favors. First, it would not allow the machine to squeeze the shoes beyond the limit. Secondly, it would scrub the external surface while leaving behind clean sneakers.

  • Add shoes to the machine

Place both pairs of shoes in the washing machine. Keep in mind, water should not be too hot. High water temperature damages the glue that binds the shoes. Avoid adding chlorine, vinegar, or any other component that softens the fabrics of shoes. Alternatively, for washing purposes, you can add detergent.

For the removal of hard stains, you can use a small quantity of oxygenated bleach.

  • Dry the shoes

You can dry tennis shoes with the help of three different processes. The preferred procedure should be according to your shoes. These procedures are as follows;

  • Arrange pieces of dry clothes and pack them into dry shoes. After this, press gently to remove the water.
  • Add wet shoes in the dryer with towels to reduce sound. Prefer to set the drying speed at medium. It is compulsory to maintain the shape of the sneakers.
  • Air dry the wet pair of shoes. For this purpose, simply place them on the rope and let them dry. This procedure is best due to sunlight that reduces odor and germs, in addition to drying.

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How to wash your tennis shoes by hand?

How to wash tennis shoes by hand

The fabric tennis shoes can also wash by hands due to their texture. To carry this procedure, you need to have a brush to remove dust, liquid detergent, a tub, warm water, and a paper towel.

  • Remove loose dust

Take a stiff brush or cloth and remove dirt from all over the shoe surface.

  • Arrange tub and detergent

In the tub, add some warm water and detergent. After that mix them well.

  • Rub shoe surface

Dip the brush in this warm detergent containing liquid and gently all over the surface. At this point, make sure no to over wet the shoes. Alternatively, it would end with spot formation.

  • Clean with towel

In the very next step, wet the towel with simple water and treat shoes with it. This practice would remove any remaining detergent.

Continue this procedure until shoes are detergent free.

  • Dry shoes

Pack shoes with a dry towel from inside to maintain their shape.

Dry shoes from the exterior with the help of a dry towel to remove water.

Put shoes at some dry and shady places to get them fully dry.


How to wash Adidas cloth tennis shoes also demands the same procedure to follow. Either you want to wash them in the washing machine or by hand; the above procedures can be followed.

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General care

These are some quick fixes that keep your shoes clean and mark-free. Try to apply these tricks during general use for a nicer appearance.

Clean the specific area of shoes that develop marks with the help of a soapy cloth or brush. After that clean with a wet towel to remove detergent.


The dark and stubborn marks can be treated by baking soda or toothpaste. Both have enhanced cleaning functions. Add them in water and apply on marks with the help of the cloth. Rub gently in a circular direction until the stain disappears.

In the end,

Hard marks on the heel and sole can be treated by remover for nail polish. It is the quickest way among all.

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Wrapping up

How to wash cloth tennis shoes have been explored because they may also liable to dirty. No doubt, multiple ways can be adopted to keep your shoes clean. But we have discussed the process that can be used by anyone.

Do you know?

Tennis shoes are available in multiple colors. But white tennis shoes are the trend of today. Therefore, how to wash white cloth tennis shoes has attracted great attention. For washing cloth sneakers, specific accessories are available in the market.


Everyone should know the different procedures that could be done by typical home components. We proudly announce that all the ingredients, mentioned in our post, own by every home. Therefore, the question of affordability does not arise.

In short, you are ready for a quick go.

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