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White shoes have become trendy nowadays. From the fashion industry to professional athletes and students to household ladies; everyone likes to purchase white shoes. Well! how to clean white cloth tennis shoes is the question of great attention.

You know,

White color is very famous to highlight dust particles. Dirty white shoes look equally bad as they look good in clean condition.

We know you are a tennis expert.

As a professional of tennis, the main aim is to look attractive to your fans. But the question is how to keep white cloth tennis shoes clean. As clean shoes grab good attention and contribute highly to your personality.


We are going to tell you some basic steps that would definitely help in making your shoes amazingly neat.

Steps on how to clean white cloth tennis shoes

5 best way to clean white cloth tennis shoes

Scroll through this post and get some quick steps to make your tennis shoes clean. All steps are very basic and easy to follow. Let us review these guidelines.

Step 1 Remove laces

Untie the laces from the pair of shoes required to clean. Alternatively, you can let the laces on the shoes if the laces are dirty also. In most cases, laces get also dirty with the shoes. So, it is also worth cleaning them also. 

Step 2 Fill the water container

Arrange a decent container and fill it with water. Keep in mind, the temperature of the water should be high. At the same time, they should not disturb its texture. Generally, shoes made of cloth can bear higher temperatures very happily. So, you do not need to be extra conscious of this practice.

After filling some good amount of water, add detergent or dishwasher for cleaning activity.

Step 3 Clean dirt

Before soaking the dirty shoes in warm water, try to remove dry and loose dust. Give a good effort to remove as much you can. You can use a cloth or brush to accomplish this aim.

Step 4 Scrub the shoes

Dip the cleaning cloth or the brush with the water of degenerate. In the very next step, a good practice is to run the external part of shoes with it. This process would soften any hard dirt patch very easily.

Step 5 Rub the strains

Arrange some additional cloth and soak it in vinegar. Locate strains and rub generally. The citric acid in vinegar is very famous to clean some stubborn stains. Continue this cleaning unless the strains disappear.

Step 6 Clean with a dry cloth

In the very next step, you are required to get some dry cloth. Press it all over the shoes and clean any remaining patches of soap.

Step 7 Soak laces

Soak the laces in soapy water. After some time, rinse them with clean water. After this practice, hang it in some cool place to get dry.

Step 8 Stuff old papers

Arrange some old newspapers and stuff them inside the shoes. These would not only maintain the shape of your shoes but also absorb the moisture. In this way, your shoes would dry very quickly. 

Step 9 Dry the shoes

As the last step, place the shoes at the dry and shady place. Try to avoid shoe placement in a sunny area. Give them the required time until they are fully dry.

If you have completed all these steps successfully, then here is good news for you. Congratulations, your tennis shoes are ready to wear for the next time.


How to clean white cloth tennis shoes has been discussed with some prominent steps. Finally, it up says that cleaning the white tennis shoes is not a difficult task. It can be done with the basic home item that every home occupies. 


How to get white cloth tennis shoes clean is a trendy topic in today’s market. People search this topic in different ways. Some search how to clean white cloth sneakers, while others look for how to clean all white cloth shoes. The wording is different, but the aim is the same. 

In the end,

We would say that try to keep your shoes clean either you are a tennis professional or not. This would be left a positive impact on your personality.

Stay clean stay cool

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