History of Tennis Shoes – Let’s Have a Look On The Origin of Tennis Shoes

Meet a tennis lover and ask him the history of tennis shoes. The fact will shock you. Do you know? Just 2 to 3 percent know about the history of tennis shoes. It’s not fair. 

As a famous game, it does not deserve this type of attitude.

What is your responsibility?

If you feel love for this game then the best attitude is to get a full background of this game, including the origin of tennis shoes. 

If you aim to get the history of tennis shoes, there is no need to search for another platform. Just scroll to the next section and know what is compulsory.

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History of Tennis Shoes

History of Tennis Shoes

First tennis shoes

Tennis shoes were first introduced in the 18th century, specifically for British Navy. At that time, the aim of its manufacturing was stability on the slippery surface. At first, people know them from the name, plimsolls. Moreover, their construction was simple with a rubber sole and canvas upper. 

Have you ever thought, why are they called sneakers? 

Actually, in the 19th century, its name changed from plimsolls to sneakers due to their unique feature of producing zero sound during walking. So, this is the key reason why are tennis shoes called sneakers?

Until 1960, these shoes became popular enough to insist different companies make copies of this design. 

In addition, both pairs were similar with no difference. So, these original tennis shoes were the first athletic shoes in the Industry. Today, tennis shoes are different from their original design.

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Putting highlight on advancement, 

Therefore, with the passage of time, the companies introduced advancements in tennis shoes. And Bill Bowerman is the leading designer in this field. So, in Bill’s design, the key construction was of nylon instead of canvas. 

So, the weight of tennis shoes gets as low as possible. As a result, the player enjoys maximum traction during the game.

You seem curious about the sole up-gradation. 

Bill did not ignore the comfort and introduced a soft inner sole. This construction is still famous to provide enhanced comfort.

You will appreciate the fact that the company of Bill is now famous for the name, Nike. This, after the emergence of Nike, Adidas and Puma started to introduce some advanced versions of the tennis shoes. 

So, continuous competition is the key reason that results in the very different design of tennis shoes, today.

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Why are tennis shoes called tennis shoes?

Why are tennis shoes called tennis shoes?

Wealthy first set the trend of playing tennis in these shoes. This is the main reason behind this name. In addition, these shoes do not hurt the tennis court while providing enhanced comfort.

As a result, their use in tennis and other games increased with upgraded designs. 

Talking in detail,

In a single line, covered exterior and rubber soles make the original tennis shoes. The British Navy is very famous for giving them the name of tennis shoes.

Actually, the British soldiers needed shoes that provide stability over the deck and wet surfaces. Furthermore, in the 18th century, tennis was a very trendy game.

Wealthy aristocrats first played tennis with these shoes and noticed an improved game with these rubber soled shoes.

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Let us discuss Charles Goodyear era,

Moreover, in the upcoming years, Charles Goodyear took steps to improve the rubber that makes soles. So, he used vulcanized rubber for this purpose. These upgraded shoes were more stable. As a result, the trend continued to make these shoes better and better. 

Thus, this practice emerged from multiple brands with unique introductions in the basic style of tennis shoes. The most famous names that emerged in this struggle are; Keds, Adidas, Nike, Puma, and more. 

Winding it up,

From canvas to leather and the mesh exterior produced a huge variety in the single breed of tennis shoes. In addition, lateral support and improved sole added more charm.  

If someone asks; what are tennis shoes made of? You can give the answer, for sure.

The innovative price

As time passed, the competition among tennis shoes producing brands got wild. Every company is striving to find new technologies to provide durability and excellent support. 

From external look to internal strength, you know every elaborated feature. So, the result is great quality with an enhanced price. In addition, athletes try to get the best tennis shoes in the market. So they happily spend $100 or more on a single pair.

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Wrapping up

We have completed the discussion on the history of tennis shoes. From the invention of these shoes, multiple questions have made Google wild. The most famous questions are; 

  • Why are they called tennis shoes?
  • When were tennis shoes invented?
  • Who invented tennis shoes?
  • When were sneakers invented?
  • When was the first sneaker made?
  • What year were sneakers invented?

So, if I am not wrong, you have found all the answers to these questions. 

Therefore, after writing this elaborated history on tennis shoes, we have found a quick conclusion. So according to our findings, tennis shoes are continuously improving from design to technology.

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Check the hard aspect.

The introduction of advanced technology has made each pair a bit pricey. But, athletes still afford them to ensure every hit is successful.

In addition, athletes with heel pain can also find specific tennis shoes that take a good part to make them successful.

We want to say something.

In the end, we appreciate your spark to know the history of tennis shoes. We hope you would like to visit again to get other helpful content.

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