Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis in 2023 – [Buying Guide]

You know the people with higher walking and running activities may suffer from plantar fasciitis. Athletes have to move fast and dynamically. This may increase the chances of plantar fasciitis among athletes. So, they need the best tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis.

I know what you are thinking, the inflammation of fascia tissue at the bottom of the foot is, medically, termed as plantar fasciitis. Not only athletes but also obese and older people may develop this symptom.

Best for tennis players, the tennis shoes that provide good support and a nice cushion can be used by players with plantar fasciitis. These shoes are designed to reduce pain while walking, running, or playing.

Now, the need is to find the best tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis. This is the demand of many players that let us write this post.

Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis in 2021

After very refine research and in the light of customer’s reviews we have selected five products as the best tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis. All these shoes are nice to wear and beautiful to see. Let us explore our collection one by one.

Ensure the impressive bounce back and amazing responsiveness with the FlyteFoam Technology specifically made for Midsole.

Now, you do not need to worry about the distance. Reduce the packing out by its impressive organic fibers. The foam texture is not very soft and less dense.

That’s a very good point to consider, maximize the internal twist and enjoy nice agility by TWISTRUSS Technology. Provide cushion for your feet by the gel technology at the back and front side of the shoe.

So, if you are a sufferer of plantar fasciitis, this footwear is an amazing option for you. Minimize the impacting time with the ground by its rubber sole.

Improve the toe durability by its PGuard toe protector.

You know, plantar fasciitis demands good support from the shoe so you feel lesser pain while running. Be happy! The improved PU upper cover is always available to give you nice support every time you wear these sneakers.

Don’t forget, enjoy the “Sock-like” fit with is very amazing and well-known technology, named Mono-Sock fits System. It manages the moisture while playing and running and keeps your feet fresh and odorless.

  • Provides good support
  • Ensure a sock-like fit
  • Give maximum cushioning
  • Good looking shoe
  • Multiple colors available
  • Some customers have size issue

Meet this product by Adidas if you are a professional tennis player. Ensure a nice performance every time you play and run.

Enjoy its amazing fit by Seamless Forged Mesh. It provides you the fantastic stretch and support. Ensure a comfortable feeling through its soft and flexible tongue.


The construction of this footwear is such that gives you a very friendly and cozy fit. Ensure the nice efficiency and momentum with Adiprene+ containing forefoot.


Avoid the foot drag by the Abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps that houses the medial forefoot and toe portion of the foot. This feature encourages you to have lateral movement freely.

Geofit construction comes forward to comfort and anatomical fit. Feel the locked-down touch by the courtesy of Ghillie that places above the lacing.


Provide your midfoot extra support and stability through Barricade chassis. Let your forefoot move dynamically with greater flexibility.

Be happy with the news that you can minimize the impact on the ground through superior cushioning. Improve the wear durability by Adiwear 6 outsole.

  • Ideal for narrow and long feet
  • Very comfortable footwear
  • Stability is very nice
  • Durability is amazing
  • Great comfort and fit
  • Stiff in texture
  • High in price

Introduce yourself to a new product of Adidas that is best for female tennis players. Enjoy a fantastic while playing and running.

The seamless Forged mesh is here to give you an amazing fit. This feature gives you a very good stretch and support. Its soft and flexible tongue offers you very comfortable and soft feelings.

What are the more features?

The internal profile of this bootee lets you have a very warm and cozy fit. Maintain the maximum momentum and efficiency offered by Adiprene+ forefoot.

Furthermore, abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps help you to avoid foot drag. The location of these wraps is the medial forefoot and toe side of the foot. This specificity aids you to have lateral movements dynamically.

Geofit construction is always here to provide you ideal comfort and anatomical fit. Ghillie above the lacing gives you a nice feeling of locked-down that fixes your feet in place.

It seems you want to know more features.

Deliver your midfoot additional stability and support through the help of Barricade chassis. Your foot will move in multiple directions due to the enhanced flexibility.

You will be happy with the news that you can reduce the impact on the floor by superior cushioning. Adiwear 6 outsole improves the wear durability.

  • Looks very good
  • Amazing arch support
  • Ideal traction on the court
  • Incredible comfortability
  • Longer durability
  • Some customers have the comfort issue

Minimize the shock during the impact time with the ground. Gel Technology in the forefoot and rearfoot construction comes forward to offer you a very nice cushion. Move your feet in many directions with great flexibility.

Plus, maintain the natural gait with its specifically designed Impact Guidance System. Now, you are ready to walk naturally from heel to toe.

What about the sole?

Minimize the sole weight of your shoe with Trusstic technology that not only lightens the weight but also maintains the sole shape.

It is very amazing to know, enjoy the lighter midsole made of solyte material. Note that this gel-resolution 7 tennis shoe has a less heavy midsole as compared to standard SpEVA and EVA midsole.

What is amazing to know? 

Maximize the toe durability every time you wear these shoes with the aid of a PGuard toe protector.

In our opinion, if your feet are less wide and narrow, these are the best tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis. You can go to this fantastic pair of shoes with good confidence.

  • The midsole is less heavy
  • Maintain natural gait
  • Gel technology provides cushioning
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • Better control
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent stability
  • Amazing support
  • Shoelaces are short
  • Width is narrow

Avoid the pain in your sole while playing with the ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 shoes. The super cushioning profile lets you have a nice feeling.

You are wondering about the cushioning system. Enhance the bounce with the gel cushioning technology that houses in the area of the forefoot. Put your feet in the ground with great efficiency and have zero shocks.

I think you have liked this feature. Enhance the stability to the next level and avoid torsion by the Trusstic system in the midsole. Another amazing feature of the Trusstic technology is that it acts as the connecting line between the forefoot and rearfoot zone.

What is more?

Don’t forget the comfort due to the mesh profile that comes forward to give nice ventilation. Your feet would be sweat and odor-free even after a couple of hours. Give your ankle great support by the courtesy of padded collars present at the rear side of your footwear.

What midsole says?

Absorb the shock in the EVA made midsole and increase the bounce with great efficiency. Maintain the shape of your feet with the sock liner that is, also, made of EVA.

  • Gel cushion technology
  • Great comfort
  • Great bounce
  • Very less shock
  • Upper is versatile
  • Lightweight sole
  • Size is narrow

Buyer’s Guide – Which product will suit you best?

Buyer’s Guide – Which product will suit you best?

We have searched very well and ended up with the list of features for tennis shoes that is the demand of plantar fasciitis patients.

Sole rigidity and midfoot cushioning

Cushioning in midfoot is as necessary as rigidity in the sole. These two factors work well in the reduction of impact on your heel. Tennis shoes with these specificities ensure the reduction in pain due to plantar fasciitis.

Low contact with the floor

Various orthopedic say that the lesser impact of the foot with the ground is another contributing factor to relief pain in the plantar fascia. Furthermore, higher arch support is needed for people with flat feet.

Generally, maximum stability, minimum weight on the heel, and higher cushioning under the heel are necessary factors to consider while buying a tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis.

Heel and arch support

Multiple doctors say that support is the key feature that should be considered for sure. According to them, the heel and arch support comes forward to preventing plantar fasciitis while playing. Cushioning does other work.

Compact heel counter

Ensure the compact heel counter while buying the tennis footwear. This will reduce the extra stretch in the plantar fascia. So, you will feel relief from the pain and inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one is the best tennis shoes for women’s plantar fasciitis?

In order to have maximum support and stability, get one of the following options for better output:

Asics Gel resolution

Asics Men’s Gel dedication 6

For the best budget option, you can get Saucony Versafoam cohesion 13. You can also try other products from Adidas and New Balance.

2. How can you get rid of plantar fasciitis?

To speed up your recovery, and heel the pain in less time, I recommend the plantar fasciitis to try the following therapies:

  • Heel raises
  • Rolling pin
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Calf stretch
  • Towel curl

You can also try supportive shoes in terms to have relief while playing.

3.What is the best exercise for plantar fasciitis?

Before standing, in order to reduce pain, the plantar fasciitis can try stretching or massaging. Before heading towards the field or court, the massage proves to be much effective.

  • Flex your feet up and down for 10 times and stretch them before standing.
  • You can also try towel stretch by using the towel under your feet.
  • In the end, you can do the toe stretch to release the pain.


The trend is changing with time. Now, multiple products are available in the market that let you work like normal people even in the presence of malady.

You know, the time has won everything. The best tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis is available for you to play at its peak. These shoes are specifically designed and ensure maximum stability and nice comfort.

At this time, a plantar fasciitis sufferer does not need to rest on his bed and wait for the recovery. These shoes are always available to give you improved comfort and stability. The greater cushion in the heel decreases the time of impact with the ground.

In the end, you should spend the budget while buying the tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis. This is not the product that you are purchasing again and again. Our recommendation is to pick the one that fits most suitable for you.