Best Tennis Shoes for Men in 2023 – [Buyer’s Guide]

The shoes for tennis game are best in design but also give extra support as well. Moreover, most of the players use the tennis shoes for different type of courts like hard, smooth and grassy surface. But, the style of game also depends to choose the shoes of tennis. Therefore, it is best to get the shoes with all quality of features for best tennis game.

Comfortable footwear can make your whole gameplay easy and enhance your skills. When it comes to tennis, finding the right tennis shoes can be tricky. Besides, if you are a good player, and searching for the best tennis shoes for men, then you have chosen the right place. 

BEST TENNIS SHOES For men in 2021

Finding the right and durable best shoes, tennis is not an easy task either. Hence, there are some essential factors that you need to follow to have the right pick, as there are hundreds of good products available in the market. Therefore, our team has reviewed one of the best means best tennis shoes that are handy enough to wear during critical knockout games. 

Let check out the best tennis shoes for men:



NIKE Men’s Court

Budget Friendly

Adidas Men’s Barricade

The Nike Court Lite 2 was designed in a minimalist way to give you good stability, great breathability and pleasant comfort. Uniquely, the outsole was designed to outline 1 of 5 basic moves that tennis players need to master. This makes it ideal for recreational and beginner players.

But, it would be wonderful to see Nike improve its design and make the shoe more attractive. You should also offer more color options. This is a great tennis shoe that has been well-reviewed.

Additional Features:

  • Durable Design 

The materials which are used in this product are synthetic and textile. In addition to this, for comfortability, there is a mesh tongue and rubber sole present. Since these shoes are imported, so you will find a combination of soft and hard design that will offer the user complete durability.

  • Waterproof And Dry Nature 

These best tennis shoes men are waterproof due to the synthetic material, which does not let the water inside of the boots. Moreover, so if you use them in wet areas, it will not affect the inside of the materials. The best thing about this product is that you will not have to go through the bad smell due to the dry nature of the shoes.

  • Professionals 

The manufacturers of these shoes suggest that these are an excellent option for professional players. Moreover, professional players do practice all day long daily, so they require durable and quality products, which cannot be easily worn.

  • Good Stability
  • Comfortable shoes at an affordable price
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Available in only one color
  • Needs more improvement

Bottom Line

The shoes of Nike brand are overall good due to their durable strength. But, the design of these shoes is best for all users and attractive. Therefore, most of the players want to use these shoes in tennis games. But, these stylish shoes are perfect overall.

The New balance Men’s 806 V1 tennis shoe is a classic white tennis shoe. It is made to be stable on the tennis courts, and it has no frills. It’s designed to keep your feet steady on the tennis courts and has no unnecessary frills.

It’s made from a combination leather and synthetic upper material and has a rubbersole.

The toe is reinforced and the laces are up to ensure a snug fit. You will find ABZORB cushioning by New Balance on this model.

This shoe is stable and can be channeled Henry Ford. It is available in any color as long it is classic white. This tennis shoes are a reliable workhorse that is made for serious players. It’s not about the color of his clothes, but his game.

We review the New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe. We will help you decide if this shoe suits your needs.

Additional Features:

  • Reinforced Toe 

These tennis shoes best arch support is designed with synthetic and leather material to offer enough comfort. In addition to this, the reinforced toe enables the user to wear the shoes tightly and comfortably. Further, it can also help the user to play for a long time after smashing several serves.

  • Multiple Colors 

Some players like various colors other than white. Moreover, there is good news for such players as these shoes do not come only in one color. Hence, color has nothing to do with the performance.

  • Good Traction 

Excellent traction and a non-marking outsole are also there to enable the player to quickly and simply step up. In addition to this, it merely implies a natural movement.

  • Stability 

Stability is also the most critical factor that you need to look for. However, these best tennis shoes for men offer stability and balance so that the player does not hesitate to move around if he/she is playing a quick match.

  • Leather upper sole
  • Side panel
  • ABSORB cushioning
  • Non-marking out sole
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

New Balance shoes are perfect with their traction system. But, the toe protection is a good addition to the shoes which makes them versatile from all others. Moreover, these colorful shoes are useful with toe support.

These are the best shoes with their shape and grip. But, it is overall good with its performance at all types of tennis courts. Moreover, you can wear shoes for a long time without any fatigue muscles. It is fully lightweight with a sturdy design and looks.

Additional Features:

  • Lightweight 

The shoe of Babolat is entirely lightweight. So, a player can wear the boots to move quickly. However, it right to give full natural movement in the court. However, use the shoe for perfect gaming at any court.

  • Sturdy Design 

The design of this shoe is also perfect and attractive due to its full grip and excellent strength. But, overall shape and color are also ideal in the shoes to make them more appealing to wear.

  • Mesh Line 

The upper surface of the tennis shoes is sufficiently durable enough with mesh control lines. Moreover, the lines of the mesh system sound to make feet dry and feet remain comfortable. Additionally, this makes the shoes best for tennis games with full grip.

  • Good design
  • Excellent grip
  • Strong and durable
  • Lace-up system is not perfect.

Bottom Line

Babolat is a brand new manufacturer to make quality shoes. But, the shoes are fully breathable due to good mesh lines. So, these mesh lines arranged perfectly on the upper surface of the shoes

The shoes of Gel-solution have the power to use for the long term. So, these shoes provide extra strength and grip on the feet. However, feet remain safe inside the shoes during the game time of tennis. Therefore, the cushioning power makes the feet comfortable. Overall, it is lightweight and also easy to wear. Moreover, the rubber sole with full toe protection controls all types of harshness.


  • Lightweight 

The shoes of Asics are sufficiently lightweight. The used material is very comfortable and low in weight. But, the upper surface of the shoes gives a good grip as well. The lightweight design is an excellent addition to the boots to make them more portable at all places. But you can wear and move smoothly to the tennis court to make a good game.

  • Rubber Sole 

The soles of the shoes are perfect and smooth enough. Moreover, it is quite useful to use rubber material in the outsole. So, this rubber outsole is ideal for use and also controls the smooth action in the tennis court. Therefore, it is good to use a rubber sole for full comfort and make the feet perfect in the shoes.

  • Breathable Surface 

The upper surface is fully fit with perfect flexion. But, the shoes are good to give full cushioning power. However, the overall top surface is useful to control the mesh inside the boots. But, the feet remain dry without any sweat creation. So, you can wear them for a long duration without any impact on the feet. The surface is suitable for excellent durability, as well as to wear the shoes and use in the game for the long term.

  • Excellent Design 

The design of this Gel-solution is perfect for all time use. So, most of the players use the shoes due to their complete and attractive design. The lace-up system is appropriately arranged for wearing comfortably. But, this lace-up system gives a good grip on the feet. Moreover, it is good to control all harshness. However, it is excellent due to its durable design with the perfect color arrangement as well. Additionally, full support is also superior to give complete protection to the forefoot. So, overall it shows reliable performance for the best gaming experience of tennis.

  • Perfect design
  • Full cushion support
  • Excellent color
  • Durable for use
  • Size is not fit all types of feet.

Bottom Line

Asics shoes made with their unique style and sturdy fashion. So, these are fashionable with a good look. So, the entire players try to use the shoes with fashionable style. Therefore, these shoes have a good power of fashion.

Adidas is a perfect brand for making different types of shoes. Moreover, it perfect in shape and excellent with its grip. However, the lightweight design is best for all types of players to use the boots. But, the shoes of Adidas are overall good to give full durability and a mesh control system to make the feet dry and comfortable.

Additional Features:

  • Pure Leather Made 

The shoes of Adidas are purely made with leather material. So, the combination of leather and poly fabric material makes the shoes perfect for more prolonged use. Moreover, the boots become durable enough and wear them without any breakable issue. However, this leather material is useful to control the harshness and give excellent resistance to wear shoes.

  • Comfortable 

The inner side of these shoes is also the right to give full support to the feet. Moreover, the feet remain safe and entirely healthy inside the shoes. But, the inner sole is also controlling all shocks and make the shoes perfect for wearing without any damage on the feet. But, it excellent addition to make the heel safe as well during all ample game time.

  • Good Grip 

The grip of the shoes is also good to make the feet perfect set in the shoes. Moreover, the feet become easily fit. But, it’s all due to the grip system of pure lace-up. So, the lace-up setting is also excellent to make the full fitted position of the shoes on any size feet. With this lace-up, you can wear and tear the shoes all the time without any discomfort. Moreover, the sole and upper surface also fit with the feet. But, feet always remain dry without any mesh creation. Additionally, most extensive players use the shoes of Adidas for an excellent grip as well

  • Supportive 

The Adidas brand provides the shoes with a full lightweight design. But, these shoes are also durable for use with complete stability. Moreover, these shoes too good to give full support to the feet, and players can make a good game experience on all types of court. However, the rubber sole is too good to control smooth action on the tennis court. So, it is good to make a fully breathable upper surface for dryness and control all the shocks with its cushioning power. After all, you can say that tennis shoes are sufficiently durable and sturdy in their design.

  • Sturdy design
  • Excellent quality
  • Leather made
  • Full supportive
  • The rubber sole is less durable.

Bottom Line

Adidas made the shoes are good looking but these are supportive for the feet. So, these give good support and feet remain comfortable inside the shoes. Therefore, the shoes are also best due to full comfort and support.

The shoes of this Srenket brand are superior due to the ideal color and design. But, most of the outstanding players use the shoes in casual shape with a unique look and full comfort. Moreover, these are good to control all shocks and give excellent support as well. Therefore, you can wear shoes for regular time without any fatigue in the feet muscles. Overall, these are good durable, and sturdy as well in the performance at the tennis game area.

Additional Features:

  • Sturdy Look 

The overall shape of these shoes is perfect due to the different and versatile color scheme. Moreover, it is better to use due to its full and excellent grip as well. However, you can use the shoes for complete comfort on the feet. Moreover, the feet look proper in strength due to a comfortable grip as well. So, these shoes are the best tennis shoes for men to wear and get excellent comfort.

  • Pure Lace-up 

The lace-up system in these men’s tennis shoes is an excellent addition to make the shoes fashionable. But, these are also good to make the shoes better for all time wear and tear quickly. So, you can get a full grip to tye up the boots, and the feet become entirely safe inside the shoes. Moreover, this lace-up system is also best to give comprehensive fashion and style as well.

  • Durable Outsole 

The outsole of the shoes is also perfect and durable enough. Therefore, you can wear shoes all the time without any issue. But, the rubber sole is an excellent addition to give excellent full support. This rubber material is an excellent addition to control all the shocks on the feet. But, feet remain safe inside the shoes. It is an excellent addition to give full support for the heel and also for the forefoot. Moreover, this durable rubber sole is too good to provide complete stability for the feet.

  • Perfect Running Shoes 

The shoes of tennis are also best to use for running. But, the grip is excellent, which makes the hand perfect due to full lumbar support. However, the toe support is also an extra addition, which makes it sturdy for long term use and wear. But, these shoe controls mesh creation as well. Therefore, the hands remain dry and do not feel the sweat and slippery feeling. However, you can wear them for running, walking, and also for excellent hiking as well.

  • Good design
  • Perfect mesh surface
  • Full grip for feet
  • Accurate lace-up system
  • The price is a little bit high

Bottom Line

Srenket brand provides the shoes with a strong outsole. Therefore, the rubber sole is a good addition to the shoes of tennis to make them fully durable for long term use. Moreover, the sole gives good grip and best for all types of tennis courts.

K-Swiss is an emerging brand that provides sturdy footwear for your games. It has 16 different colors and is designed for every day and every game. The shoes are made of high-quality materials, made of polyurethane, and the upper is made of synthetic materials. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express is one of the best tennis shoes for men.

Additional Features:

  • DuraWap Technology 

By comfortably wrapping it on your feet, you will get a stable fit. It also has to feature a Seamfree upper, and also its TPU cage layer is attached to a breathable mesh. It benefits to make a lightweight upper, breathable, and seamless. The shoes also have DuraWap technology, which provides a harder feel.

  • Wider Fit Design 

Its more great fit design and plush cushioning and padding that just around the ankle collar and heel will bring you an experience similar to the acclaimed Ultra Express. Besides, its Seam free construction and non-slip heel lining enhance the strength of the upper and reduce possible irritation and heel slippage.

  • Lightweight 

Don’t worry about dragging your feet on the court, because these shoes are much lighter than you expect. They are also particularly ventilated and are ideal for people who sweat in warm weather. K-Swiss knows that comfort is an essential consideration for you, and you can wear these shoes comfortably all day.

  • Molded Sock Liner 

The removable insole has unique features that you may want to consider. Since it is an Ortholite x40 insole, you may not even need to use an orthosis. You will like the feeling of advanced styling that suits your game style. The best tennis shoes for the hard-court are designed with internal comfort and external sturdiness in mind. It is made of synthetic materials to ensure its long life. The sneaker is also equipped with a toe called “Drag Guard” to protect your toes and toe area from wear.

  • Strong and durable, very comfortable.
  • Provide the best traction on the court surface.
  • The midsole is made of EVA material to absorb shock
  • The outsole made of rubber has a long service life.
  • Drag Guard technology provide the wear-resistant.
  • Sizes run large
  • Padding may be too bulky
  • Not suitable for narrow feet

Bottom Line

K-Swiss are best for the hardcourt tennis game. But, these are overall durable enough with perfect support power. Moreover, the durability in the shoes is due to the smooth use material to make them durable.

Are you a beginner who is looking to dip his toes in the world of tennis? Then the ASICS Men’s Gel Dedicate 5 is the right companion for your foot. This shoe brand is built with all the necessary support features that a regular tennis shoe should have. Overall, it is the best tennis shoes for bunions.

Additional Features:

  • Gel Technology 

Its EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning, stability, and support. The shoe brand uses the ASICS Gel Technology that reduces the shoe’s weight while ensuring that the shoe’s structural integrity is intact. The GEL cushioning is also positioned in the forefoot area to give you a high bounce and a springy feel.

  • Forefoot Cushioning 

Thanks to its forefoot gel cushioning technology, this highly rated tennis shoe will provide the feet with the right amount of cushioning that it deserves to win every game. This will significantly boost your shoe’s comfort. Its outsole is made of a stable rubber compound for maximum traction and durability. Its outsole’s most important trait is its anti-marking build.

This feature prevents your shoes from making gigantic holes on the surface. The outsole also has flex grooves on its surface that are positioned to provide maximum grip on surfaces so that you can smoothly perform swift lateral moves.

  • Trusstic System Technology 

A lot of shoes reduce the weight of the sole unit so that they can keep the shoes lighter. However, that compromises the integrity and durability of the shoes. On the other hand, these ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes have Trusstic System Technology which reduces the weight of the boots by reducing durability.

Also, the complete sole, including the outer, is made of rubber which adds to the grip and traction you will be enjoying with your shoes. The forefoot cushioning increases comfort using a better shock attenuation system.

  • Excellent Traction 

The outsole is made of rubber, which can correctly hold any surface you are playing with, thus providing first-class durability for your feet. The outsole is made of solid rubber, modified with a chevron pattern, and has excellent adhesion and durability. If you like running, please check our guide to know the best trail running shoes for men. These are the best tennis playing shoes in 2020.

  • Maximum Comfort 

Whether you are a professional tennis player or you play tennis just for recreational purposes, the ASICS men’s gel-dedicate five tennis shoe is ideal for any player as it comes with a unique rubber outsole that provides the best traction for any court. Maximum comfort is guaranteed when playing tennis with this shoe, and it also works effectively in reducing impacts that tend to hinder movement while playing.

  • The shoe is lightweight
  • They are very comfortable and firm
  • Outsole made of a stable rubber compound.
  • Suitable for running, gym workout, and tennis.
  • GEL technology on the forefoot section for impact absorption.
  • Does not offer the best grip on hard courts.
  • Does not have a lot of stability features.
  • It only comes with medium width.

Bottom Line

Gel-dedicated tennis shoes are fully lightweight. So, these help to give easy grip and easy movement as well. Therefore, you can wear it in court and move easily without any resistance. But, the lightweight is due to the use of smooth material.

The New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Tennis Shoe is a comfortable option for you with plenty of cushioning in its footbed that offers extra plush and excellent shock absorption. It provides lateral stability and excellent foot support that helps to boost your confidence and allows you to move faster on the court. The extra cushioning also gives you a lightweight feel when playing. Overall, it has a traditional style with a modern look and excellent fit.

Additional Features:

  • High-Performance 

This is a high-performance shoe that is suitable for any serious player. The breathability is also excellent on this shoe thanks to perforations on the toe box and side panel. The toe-box is reasonably flexible; however, it is slightly narrow, which can pose an issue for those with more full feet. Hence we recommend going half a size up for a wider toe-box. The MC1006v1 also offers less cushioning than comparable tennis shoes which makes it more suitable for an indoor court rather than a clay court.

  • Super Design  

The shoe is constructed from 75% synthetic and 25% mesh to give the right balance between robustness and being lightweight on the court. Because of their fantastic design, they are the best shoes for playing tennis. The uncomplicated color design of the New Balance Men’s MC1006v1, which is available in either black or white, makes it appealing to players who do not want to draw attention.

  • REVlite foam midsole 

In addition to an uncomplicated aesthetic, the technology used to build the New Balance Men’s MC1006v1, such as the REVlite foam midsole, provides sufficient cushioning to prevent any strain on your feet and knee joints. The Ndurance outsole contains a drag tip that is long-wearing to ensure strong durability, especially for players who will practice for many hours a week. This outsole is also non-marking, which can protect the playing surface.

  • Very lightweight
  • Gives very good cushioning
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Leather and mesh uppers
  • Multidirectional tread on rubber outsoles
  • Patented REWlite midsoles
  • The laces are not long enough
  • The laces system is not comfortable
  • The midsole is not much comfortable

Bottom Line

The tennis shoes are perfect with the lace-up system. But, the arrangement in lacing is an extra addition to make them perfect for easy wear and tear. But, the lace-up system also good to add some extra fashion in the shoes to make them sturdy enough.

This pair of Adidas shoes is suitable for tennis players playing hard. Because the ADIWEAR outsole of these shoes; provides stability and functional sportiness. If the player is looking for excellent cushioning and allows the foot to breathe, then the sole can also be the player and best shoes for tennis players.

Additional Features:

  •  ADIWEAR outsole 

The upper of Adidas men’s tennis shoes are made of synthetic fiber, which improves breathability and thus keeps you comfortable during the game. ADIWEAR outsole improves its durability. The rubber sole is stable and can get the best grip on the court. The removable insole provides players with more convenience, allowing them to choose to replace the insole themselves.

  •  Robust and stable 

Approach tennis shoes are made of 100% human-made upper, which is firm and durable but has good air permeability and proper perforation location. The company’s Adi Wear technology has been used to ensure that these shoes are resistant to wear and support even when worn regularly for long periods. The chassis of the Adidas men’s approach tennis shoes can provide higher stability and support in the midfoot, thereby providing additional flexibility and freedom in the forefoot.

  •  Perfect design 

It is designed as a daily training shoe so that it can stand the test of time. The cushioned midsole provides explosive power at every step, which means you can walk to the other side of the table faster than before. View the design, and the picture can tell you all. Fashionable lace-up closure. The feet protector can also see beautiful stitches.

  • Soft synthetic upper 

The sole is made of rubber, which is more durable than other materials. Another feature is the soft synthetic upper, which is designed to increase breathability and ensure you have the ultimate comfort. Also, your feet will stay dry, reducing problems caused by humid temperatures, such as odors and bacterial infections.

  • High-quality product
  • Synthetic upper provides breathability and long-lasting support
  • Durable ADIWEAR outsole with high wear resistance
  • Lightweight and very fit.
  • Suitable for various courts.
  • The ankle area is not suitable for everyone
  • The feet may be too narrow and may need to be worn more than other shoes.

Bottom Line

Men’s approach tennis shoes are competent to give excellent support with the full grip. But, these are fully sturdy and stable for longer use. Therefore, players of tennis can use shoes for a long time without any instability.


It is the most critical point to buy tennis shoes. So, it would help if you got all the buyer guide before, getting the best tennis shoes. Therefore, you need to check some important things about shoes and notice them before buying them.

Buying Guide For Best Men’s Tennis Shoes


It is the main thing which you need to check on the tennis shoes. The format is different for all people, and different players use large and small quantities. However, it helps to get the perfect tennis shoes for you and easily fit on the feet. Therefore, try to choose the size with your full fit size of the feet. Moreover, it is also good to give you perfect design and fit size if the shoes always look excellent.


This is another best point which you need to check in the shoes of tennis. Therefore, everyone has taste and design selection. However, try to get shoes with your best choice of design. Moreover, the shoes with perfect breathable surface and an excellent upper surface for mesh controlling and massive lumbar support is also best.

Court Surface

It is the main point for choosing shoes. Therefore, you need to check the boots which are suitable for all type of court surface like hard, clay, grass court. But, the brand of Adidas, Nike, and Asics are good to use at all kinds of court surfaces. The sole of these shoes is good to give full support for handling the tennis game. However, you can buy the shoes of these brands with all types of tennis court surfaces.


The sole of shoes is also good to help in the running and jumping as well in the tennis court. But, the tennis court is in different types. Therefore, try to get and choose the shoes as per your feet sole and perfect for all hard, smooth, and grassy court surfaces. This is main to select the shoes of rubber sole because these have a good grip on all types of surfaces with a full support system for all court places.

Type of Foot

All the players have not the same type of foot. But, different people have various kinds of feet. So, some examples of feet type like pronated, supinated, and also ideal. Therefore, it is best to choose the shoes for the best tennis game with your feet selection and kind of the feet as well. It is necessary to use the feet type because some people’s forefoot and heel may cause problems and feel uncomfortable.

Game Play Style

It is also a good point which helps you to choose the best shoes for you. But, it all depends upon your play style in the court. So, most of the excellent brand makes the shoes for a tennis player at different gameplay style. Thus, baseline players use the shoes with the rubber sole’s full grip and excellent lumbar support. But, volley players want to sue the boots with full reinforcement. Therefore, it all depends upon your game style and then gets the shoes for the game.


The durability of the shoes also matters to get for the best tennis game. Moreover, it is good to select the shoes of pure leather made material with its full grip. But, it is also necessary to check the upper surface with full breathing settings. Moreover, the sole, with full support to create excellent cushion support, is also required. So, all the things make shoes durable enough for long term use and the stability in the shoes as well.


It is also a point for the best buying experience of tennis shoes. Therefore, it necessary to choose the shoes as per your budget requirement. But, try to get the shoes with a reasonable price range and excellent durability. Moreover, price depends upon the use of material and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best method to wash discolored shoes?

The best method is to wash the shoes with a baking soda mix in the water. So, use the soda and clean it with the toothbrush to make them thoroughly clean as well.

Q2. How to get the shoes for the best tennis game?

You can choose the shoes for a tennis game with the use of court type, foot type, and as well with play style.

Q3. What is the best brand of tennis shoes?

The brand of tennis is different and make a different type of shoes. But, the best brands are Nike, Adidas, and Asics most of the good players use the shoes of these brands.

Q4. How to choose the color of tennis shoes?

The best color is a black and white combination for the players. But, you can select the shoes with your own choice of color as well.

Q5. Can I get the shoes with a rubber sole?

Yes, you can get tennis shoes with a rubber sole. But, it is good to give you full padded support and cushion power. Overall, its rubber sole is suitable for the heel and forefoot.

Final Words

In the end, suppose that you are a tennis player and you need the shoes for a good tennis game. But, you want to use these shoes on all types of tennis court hard, smooth and grassy as well. For this, you can buy the boots for regular tennis game use with excellent durability and support.

But, it would help if you had the shoes with a low budget and best quality. Then the shoes of Nike, Adidas, and Asics or some shoes of Babolat brands are also best to use for a long duration. So, you can buy anyone brand of shoes for the best tennis gaming.