Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches in 2023!

Playing tennis seems easy, but it requires a lot of effort and swift movements with footwork that is perfect. One must play with such control that his opponent cannot withstand the confidence he emits and starts to lose. But all of this happens only when we wear shoes that are specially made for tennis, particularly when we have health issues like high school arched feet.


When players have pain in their feet, then the wrong choice of shoes is to blame. Luckily, some shoes can be worn on the court that provide extra support and cushion, especially for high-arched feet.


If you are a player that is suffering from high-arched feet, then it is necessary to select shoes that will provide comfort in your condition.


To minimize your effort, I have crafted a list of five best tennis shoes for high arches based on their level of comfort, quality, and budget friendliness. Therefore without further ado, let us move to our reviews.

5 Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches in 2023!

1.     YONEX Men’s FusionRev 4 All-Court Sneaker


If you want speed, cushioning, design, and support in one package, then I have Yonex Fusion Rev 4 next on my list. The main reason why I like these shoes is that they are structured well yet light in weight.


With adequate padding in tongue area, the inner liner hugs my feet and fits comfortably. The material used in a majority of shoes is polyurethane which further helps shoes in molding with feet. But what I dislike about these shoes is that polyurethane material makes these shoes less breathable, which heats up the feet. Therefore, it can be uncomfortable to wear these shoes in long matches.


If I talk about grip around the forefoot area, then its asymmetric lacing system adds more security and grip. Also, there are two layers on lacing systems which increases stability and grip even more.


A great feature of these shoes is their removable insole. They are textured to provide grip and comfort. Outsole on the other hand, has a different pattern to increase grip on different courts. These shoes are also well suited for clay court because outsole has a grip herringbone pattern which increases their grip even further.


I also like these shoes because they can be worn very quickly because of their wider ankle collar. If durability comes into discussion, then their upper is very durable however, the medial side is not suitable for durability for a player who slides a lot on the court.


What keeps the weight of shoe light is a use of power carbon which is mounted in the midfoot, which further helps in increasing the stability, also the use of Power Cushion Plus technology help in boosting the energy and reducing foot fatigue at the same time


I found these shoes suitable for wide to medium size feet in which the shoes will get fit comfortably and snuggly. Also, for the said type of feet, the shoes are true to size.


But narrower feet will have to go for other options of shoes which I think is another downside.


  • Better grip on all courts.
  • Durable upper and outsole.
  • Fits like a glove


  • Less breathable.
  • Not durable medial side.


2.     K-Swiss Men’s HyperCourt Sneaker


If you are after best tennis shoes for arches that provide comfort and stability and are breathable at the same time then Hypercourt Express by K-Swiss is worth looking at. A productive feature of these shoes is that it has Aosta outsole with Dagguard premium rubber construction which increases the grip of these shoes no matter the type of court you are playing on.


Moreover, these shoes are designed with PU material which is responsible for their lightweight.  Whereas DuraWrap has been used in the toe area for added durability.  But this material makes these shoes not suitable for toe draggers. But on the other hand, these shoes are ideal for wide feet.


Upper part of these shoes are made with synthetic mesh material, which increases comfort and breathability. It also provides great cushioning, making them suitable for extreme matches. But mesh fabrics absorb everything, making them dirtier very quickly.


Hyper court sneakers by K-Swiss are made for players with high arches with larger collar lining to protect them even further. Heel counter and ankle support are also large enough to provide proper support to ankle and heel and lock them properly.


For more comfort, insole is provided with an ortholite liner which makes these shoes a good option for long matches. Midsole is also made with K-EVA material for added cushioning.


  • Heightened collar lining.
  • Strong traction in outsole.
  • Great cushioning


  • Not for narrower feet.
  • Less durable


3.     Asics Gel Contend 7 Women’s Running Sneaker


Asics is a very known brand that makes shoes for particular health problems like Achilles Tendonitis, low arches, and high arches as well. This is the reason why I have found them as one of best tennis shoes for high arches.


My feet get blisters very quickly, and one thing that I like most about these sneakers is that there is no slipping in the toe or heel area, which keeps blisters away. Also, if you want comfort with vibrant colors, then Asics offers these shoes in many vibrant colors like sheetrock pink, french blue, etc.


Being a budget shoe, I thought the upper might tear quickly, but it surprised me by keeping it intact for quite a long time. Its mesh is very well constructed, and the fabric is also thick.


For online buyers, these shoes are true to size, and that means finding correct size for your feet is no problem here. Also, the extra cushioning in heel counter and midsole make these shoes perfect for players that complain about foot pain.


Outsole is also very well performing that provides grip on all court types. Furthermore, for players whose heel rolls outwards, their Guidance Line technology helps by correcting the foot strikes.


  • Better heel lock.
  • Great cushioning.
  • Guidance line technology.


  • Squeaky outsole.


4.     New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

If you want to support your feet that are suffering from high arches, then you have to try these Fresh Foam Lav V1 tennis shoes from New Balance. They are especially designed to be played on hard tennis courts.


Tennis needs swift movement, but feet with high arches cannot perform better if they are provided with the wrong pair of shoes. These shoes from New balance will facilitate each movement of your feet and increase your control in the court. These shoes are designed with features that provide comfort and support to your feet.


Also, if you are after best tennis shoes for high arches that are light in weight and have a breathable upper portion, you will find these shoes very appealing. It is just 12.4 oz in weight, making the shoes the lightest for tennis. It is made up of synthetic upper with kinetic stitch, which will not only provide gloves-like fitting but also increase your speed of playing. Furthermore, to make these shoes more comfortable, they are made with knit bootie construction.


Midsole is made up of foam for more excellent stability and comfort. The addition of TPU heel counters further increases the strength of these shoes. As far as the outsole is concerned, it is made up of extremely durable endurance rubber with grooves that are specially designed for a stronger grip on hard tennis courts.


However, there is one thing that has set me off that is they are low ride shoes. It took some time, but its cushioning made things much faster.


  • Breathable
  • Light in weight
  • Kinetic stitched upper



  • Heavy price tag


5.     Adidas Women’s Courtjam Bounce Sneaker


Courtjam is perfect for boosting confidence and self-esteem in the court. If style simplicity is what you want, then look no further because Courtjam by Adidas will be best suited for you.


It is powered by lightweight yet full-length Bounce Technology for extreme cushioning, which makes these shoes best tennis shoes for high arches.


Shock absorbing property of its midsole is not very springy. However, it provides enough stability and better energy return to perform better on the court.


Whereas in forefoot section, a lot of protection of anti wear synthetics can be experienced for aggressive players. I can also attest to the good quality Adiwear rubber compound in the bottom, which makes these shoes more durable and suitable for court surfaces of a different kind.


Thermoplastic polyurethane and mesh have been used in the construction of the outer membrane, which provides better airflow.  It allows really fast ventilation that makes these shoes comfortable to be worn for a more extended period of time.


Better suited for every foot style and toe draggers because its forefoot is covered with AdiTUFF to protect the shoes from toe-banging shocks. Overall, these shoes are a better option for players having high arches. But these shoes’ outsole is not very durable, and they also have roomy toe box areas, which might affect some players’ games of style.


  • Good traction.
  • Better cushion.
  • Lightweight
  • Multidirectional grooves



  • Not so durable outsole.
  • Toe box is roomy.



Having high arches feet doesn’t mean you cannot deliver your best out on the court. There are plenty of shoes present that offer proper cushioning and support that minimises feet ache. These shoes help you play confidently by boosting your performance and self-esteem. As said above, there are a variety of shoes available, but only a few can help your high arches.


I have tested many shoes but found only these five above that can be called best tennis shoes for high arches. But my top three recommendations are:

Asics Gel Contend 7 Women’s Running Sneaker: due to guidance line technology.


K-Swiss Men’s Hyper Court Sneaker: due to heightened collar lining.


New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 Hard Court Tennis Shoe: due to kinetic stitched upper.


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