Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions – Wear for Comfort

If you have bunions by birth or developed in your feet, you may face a problem while selecting the best tennis shoes for bunions. But before getting to the products, let us discuss what the bunions are?


Bunions are the bump inside your feet, developed near the joint of the big toe. It mostly happens when the foot’s front bones leave their actual place. It causes your big toe’s tip to get dragged near the smaller toes, and as a result, the big toe’s joint base gets out.

While playing outdoor sports like tennis, there is nothing more harmful than wearing shoes that hurts your bunions. So in this content, we will cover the ten best shoes for bunions that help alleviate the pain of bunions and let you move with ease and comfort.

We have checked several products before listing the most deliberate ones for you. 

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Let’s move and check the list of ten best shoes for bunions without taking a single moment, which fits your feet.

10 best tennis shoes for bunions – grab the one that suits you best!

Best Tennis Shoes For Bunions

We have selected the 10 best tennis shoes for bunions.


Every pair of shoes has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look at our selected products. Firstly, take a look at our top picks:


ASICS Men's GT-2000 8 (4E) Tennis Shoe

Budget Friendly

Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure

If you want to buy the best tennis and running shoe for bunions that feel more sander and provide more comfort to your feet, this Asics GT-2000 8 is the best option to buy in the market.

Are you looking for a lasting bootee?

GT-2000 is designed to provide the best support and protection to your bunions while running and playing tennis. To provide quality support, the built of shoes must be rigid but lighter. For this purpose, these shoes offer updated GEL® technology that provides shock absorption and feels more lightweight.

For more durability, 

AHAR® Outsole is positioned in the outsole’s vital areas that give exceptional support to the bootee.

It doesn’t end here,

To reduce the complementary weight of the soul trusstic System® technology is being used in the shoes that retain the structural integrity. To provide ventilation to your feet, GT-2000 is engineered with Multi-directional mesh material, which not only enhances the aeration but improves the stability as well.

The first buying impression

After reading the above features about this bootee, if you have decided to buy these shoes, then knowing the first buying impression is necessary. The first thing you will notice after opening these shoes are amazingly lightweight, comfortable and breathable too!

Why to pick ASICS GT-2000 8th edition?

If you love to have a shoe made with fantastic technologies, then these shoes are the best choice. Every tennis player with or without bunions wants to have a bootee that can be efficiently carried out in almost every incredible conditions.

In addition to this,

GT-2000 is designed respectively to offer adequate air penetrability so even in hot weather conditions; a player can receive enough support.


The following features of ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 (4E) Running Shoes make them worthy of buying:

  • These shoes are made up of imported textile along with a synthetic sole
  • To heightened toe durability, you will get the AHAR® Outsole technology in these bootees.
  • The updated GEL® technology makes the shoe light-weight and offers exceptional shock absorption support.
  • GT-2000 is engineered with Multi-directional mesh material, which provides excellent stability to your feet.
  • For better breathability, these shoes are made of synthetic upper with mesh structure.
  • Lighter and more flexible
  • Great lateral support
  • AHAR Outsole provide exceptional durability
  • Updated technology used in production
  • Long-Lasting and firm sole
  • Similar design with previous editions.

Bottom Line

In short, ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 (4E) tennis shoes are designed specially to offer enhanced durability. Moreover, these are supportive and comfortable. ASICS has adorned them with upgraded technology to ensure uniqueness.  

If you’re looking for the best bunion shoes for women, then this new balance 840 v4 is the best choice for you. These bootees are designed with synthetic materials that offer great comfort and provide tremendous support to your foot.

Why you buy this product?

Every player needs a shoe that can control and boost the speed on the tennis court. With the latest underfoot cushioning granted by the ABZORB® unit, you will get excellent foot support while running or playing a game.

The use of quality souls 

All customer demands a long-lasting product built with robust material. With the outsole technology of NDurance rubber at the high-wear areas, the new balance 840 v4 provides shock abrasion and durability to the entire sole unit. 

Flex grooves create more flexibility to the sole unit. Moreover, the design enhances the natural winding ability of the toe joints.

In addition to this,

The engineered mesh technology having a light and soft material at the upper section of the shoe allows the foot to bend naturally and eliminate the provocation.

To alleviate the force being used for running new balance, 840 has designed the collar hug and padded tongue at the above dimensions of the foot.

Move feet without pain

Mainly, the tennis players or even runners with high arches or bunions observe pain on the lateral side of their legs and joints and may also need plantar fasciopathy if not wearing a shoe having a neutral cushion.

In the new balance 840 v4, you will feel your feet lighter and comfortable because the ABZORB® cushioning unit used it. So, if you’re looking for the best women’s bunions shoes, this is one of the best options to buy in the market.


The following hot features have made New Balance 840 v4 tennis shoes a great choice for bunions.

  • For support, these tennis shoes are engineered with an excellent padding system at the sole.
  • An extended toe box is functional to provide enhanced comfortability and stability.
  • The upper portion is designed with 100% synthetic fibers. This texture ensures breathability and keeps feet fresh.
  • These shoes ensure durability for traction that has become possible due to rubber outsole.
  • New Balance 840 v4 comes with the special feature of ABZORB cushioning that makes every ride amazingly smooth.
  • Offer excellent support to feet
  • Long-lasting underfoot cushioning.
  • Flexible and fit arch support.
  • Enhanced design and technology.
  • Lightweight And Comfortable
  • Not too many colors are available.

Bottom Line

Collectively, from padding systems to stability and comfortability, these New Balance shoes have a good name in the market. These synthetic shoes provide good ventilation to keep your feet fresh and healthy.

Assume you play tennis each day and searching for the best tennis shoes that do not only offer a comfy feel but a proper grip on the court. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 comes with a balanced, soft cushioning and guide rails holistic support system.

Brooks’ GuideRails assist in preventing undesired torsion and foster a smooth roll during a whole game. For bunions, it provides solid support to your feet and offers a great design that won’t hurt your cuneiform bone.

Let’s start with design.

As we talked above, the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 is popular for support and comfort. The stiff sole unit and enhanced cushioning technology make it exceptional from several bootees available in the market.

If we compare,

With GTS 20, you will notice a considerable difference in using the DNA loft material in the midsole. In GTS 21, for more continuous transition for your foot, the DNA loft is extended simultaneously with the external edges of the midsole.

Let us describe the DNA loft. It is a cushioning substance manufactured with rubber and EVA; the purpose of adding it into the bootee is to make it lightweight, soft and durable.

In addition to this

Adrenaline GTS 21 contains a guide rails support system that helps to control the movement of the player’s foot. The overall rigid pattern assures immeasurable transfer of energy while playing tennis, and it stops unwanted distortion.

Reason to buy it!

If you’re struggling with bunions, or have wide feet, or recovering from injury, in all scenarios buying a brooks men’s adrenaline GTS 21 is the best option.

These bootees are cushioned adequately and designed perfectly, and they will assist you in protecting your joints and bunions if you’re playing an intense game in court.


Brooks men’s adrenaline GTS 21 is famous for its some additional features that are as follows;

  • These shoes of Brooks are designed to manage overpronation. Thus you get a good cushioning through every hit in your tennis ground.
  • The guiderails holistic system is supportive enough to decrease the chances of injuries in knees, in addition to feet.
  • The DNA loft and BioMoGo DNA have a good collaboration to offer you nicer support during the whole game.
  • The combination of mesh and synthetic texture ensures air passage even during the whole game.
  • Multiple sizes and a vast range of colors are offered. The manufacturer has extended this list to make every customer satisfied.
  • Reliable design
  • Guiderails technology
  • DNA loft material 
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Fits like gloves
  • Variation in the tongue

Bottom Line

Summarizing it up, Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 comes with excellent support, stability, and cushioning. With these shoes, the chances of injuries decrease and players with bunions encounter zero difficulties.

Meet this ASICS men’s Gel-Nimbus 23 that offers the maximum cushioning and comfort. In your first impression, you will find these bootees much lighter and luxurious. These are much flexible and fit like gloves.

For the multiple lists of colors, you can pick one that fits most desirable for you. Versatile sizes are available to provide you the assurance to buy what you need.

Without a doubt,

ASICS men’s Gel-Nimbus 23 are good shoes for a bunion; It provides excellent support and convenience to your feet on the tennis court or while running at the track.

Let us describe its design.

Athletes having bunions are usually conscious about the comfort and weight of tennis shoes. Be pleased with the news that Asics offers various sorts of midsole cushioning material: Flytefoam, Flytefoam, Gel pods, and Propel in the bottom sections and forefoot.

This fabulous cushioning material gives excellent support and comfort to a player. When it comes to endurance, you will notice these shoes are amazingly stable because of their midsole, which appears outwards and produces a broad base.

What about the outsole?

If we compare the Nimbus 23 with its previous version, you will find an excellent evaluation in the midsole. With the new flyte foam technology, your foot will much lighter than a previous version. 

On the outsole, you will see two different types of rubber. The first one is the AHAR on the forefoot and the majority on the rearfoot that provides durability to the bootees. The second one is the AHAR+ on the tip of the heal.

Product conclusion

If you’re searching tennis shoes for bunions, you can choose ASICS men’s Gel-Nimbus 23 without any hesitation.

In addition, 

you can use the bootees for casual use and running. We listed this product in our best tennis shoes for bunions so you can consider if it seems suitable to you.


The most amazing features that make ASICS men’s Gel-Nimbus 23 famous shoes among tennis players are;

  • The Gel Technology is integrated to neutralize shock during each hit. This is due to the provided cushion throughout the feet.
  • Energetic and stronger foam is specifically functional to provide a bounce. Actually, the elastomer compound is present behind this service.
  • FlyteFoam Propel Technology makes these shoes light in weight and you move with zero burdens over feet.
  • The sockliner is special due to the OrthoLite X-55 type. As a result, your every step enjoys a greater comfort.
  • In the toe zone, pillars are integrated to provide a soft feeling during running.
  • Smooth and lightweight
  • Padded and long-lasting soles
  • 100% Synthetic design
  • flyte foam technology
  • Squishy underfoot sensation
  • May encounter a quality concern

Bottom Line

Finally, this product of ASICS is integrated with advanced technologies. This upgraded profile not only offers protection to shock but also makes them light in weight. Thus, the runners feel at ease during the whole game.

Many tennis players stated that if you want to enjoy the lightweight feel and want to move quickly around the court, then the New Balance 996 v3 is the best option to buy in the market.

The majority of the users claim that they can feel their feet more sustainable and comfortable while running. So if you’re in search of the best tennis shoes for bunions and plantar fasciitis, then this New Balance 996 is made for you.  

Let’s discuss design

These bootees do not offer only a great look, but it is designed so that the soft upper fabric provides exceptional air-conditioning while its light midsole give excellent comfort.

To make these shoes durable, the stiff but flexible outsole is used in 996 V3. 

What kind of sole it has?

The new balance shoes are known for the strength and comfort, and it all became possible with the ndurance rubber compound used in the outsole. For traction, a herringbone tread pattern is used in the abrasion-resistant rubber, which provides a suitable grip on any court or weather conditions.

In the midsole,

You will get REVlite technology ( made up of lightweight foam ) which provides excellent cushioning and offers premium comfort to the player’s feet. Moreover, this cushioning assists the player in moving to and fro on the court. 

In addition to this,

For the support, a probank technology is used under the midfoot, which provides stability and prevents inconvenient rolling of the foot.

Final words for new balance 996

If you’re looking for shoes that utilize less effort and provide great efficiency on the tennis court, then without any hesitation, you can pick 996 version 3. With an approximate 12mm drop, your heal will get the required energy to push shot after a shot.


New Balance 996 v3 shoes come with some interesting features that make them a good option for a tennis player with bunions. These are as follows;

  • These shoes come with a lace style that allows you to enjoy a customizable grip.
  • These shoes allow you to enjoy lateral movement due to PROBANK Midsole Technology.
  • The sole is infused with nylon to provide greater strength and durability.
  • The upper zone has a lighter weight that allows you to walk like none.
  • The mesh design makes the more elegant to allow strong ventilation during the whole game.
  • Variants of color are available
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 100% synthetic material
  • Provide outstanding support and stability
  • REVlite technology
  • Lit bit narrow

Bottom Line

In the end, New Balance 996 v3 shoes are designed with softer fabrics. Its midsole and outsole are designed very brilliantly to provide extended support. Plus, REVlite technology makes them light in weight that is super functional for the injured feet.

If playing tennis is your passion, then it is necessary to wear comfortable and supportive tennis shoes on your feet. These booties are the best option if you want to buy the best Nike shoes for bunions.

Nike men’s court lite tennis shoes offer a decent grip on the court with a solid leather exterior. Moreover, these shoes come along with a durable rubber outsole and soft midsole.

How are these quality shoes manufactured?

This footwear is one of those Nike products that you can order confidently without any hesitation. These lightweight shoes deliver stable and robust support. While running to and fro on the tennis court, this shoe endures the maximum pressure of your body.

This resistance absorbed by the outsole becomes possible by using GDR technology, also known as Green Durable RubberThe most satisfying thing about this outsole is that it is environment-friendly. So you can play your game confidently, whatever the weather conditions are.

In addition to this,

Nike men’s court comes with remarkable and unique patterns. The design at the outsole offers various friction levels for stable footing while playing an intense tennis game.

Are you excited to review more features?

Be confident with the more enhanced lightweight Phylon cushioning of the midsole, made of EVA foam. These tiny particles absorb shocks and feel you more comfortable.


For more support and excellent stability at a tennis court, the under arch foot side of bootees is made up of a beefed-up shank that offers great to and fro motion.

To make this product long-lasting, Nike used 100% synthetic leather and mesh serve for additional durability.

Last but not least

The best point of Nike men’s court lite tennis shoes is that they offer an excellent and premium look on the feet. It gives your shoe good protection from resistance and provides good durability. So if you’re searching best tennis shoes for bunions and hammertoes, Then these Nike tennis shoes are made for you.


Nike Men’s Court Lite comes with some unique feature that makes them a good option for a tennis player. The most prominent features are;

  • The midsole is made of Phylon that extends to the entire length of the shoes. The duty of this midsole is to provide cushioning with the less possible weight.
  • These shoes bring GDR outsole. The durable protection is the key job of this style of the outsole.
  • The toe zone is very active to provide enhanced comfort with the help of multiple layers padded in construction.
  • The unique combination of leather and mesh provides ventilation and strength at a time.
  • The upper zone is designed brilliantly to provide comfort and durability.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Use of GDR technology 
  • 100% Synthetic design
  •  Excellent maneuverability
  • Good value for money
  • Only white color available

Bottom Line

In short, this product of Nike Men is adorned with advanced technology. Moreover, the sole is very efficient to provide comfort, bounce, and stability. The mesh surface has a special role to ensure strong ventilation while playing.

If you’re looking for orthopedic shoes for bunions that offer active strikes on the court, this Adidas men’s barricade club tennis shoe is the best option available in the market.

These bootees are recommended for athletes of all generations because of their endurance and durability. The most notable feature of these shoes is the eye-wrenching colors in which it comes; it provides an excellent and premium look in your feet.

What does its sole say?

Players having bunions needs a comfortable shoe, which prevents them from many foot disorder. For this purpose, the barricade club uses a rubber insole. 

You can remove this rubber sole anytime, which can help the athlete in many ways. The sole of this footwear is too much comfortable that you can walk easily, even in pain. We are confident that you will be amazed by its quality.

In addition to this,

For sock absorption, ADITUFF wraps are used wraps around the toe and middle forefoot, which assist the player’s foot to have some extreme lateral movements.

Not end here,

Adidas men’s barricade club tennis shoes provide superior ventilation and EVA midsole for better and lightweight cushioning. Moreover, for more flexible midfoot comfort, 3D torsion is used in footwear.

Believe us!

Without a doubt, you can include these boots in the best tennis shoes for bunions. These are entirely made for intense tennis games; Adidas men’s barricade club contributes to boost your momentum and enhance your gaming performance. Whatever the weather conditions are, you will find these bootees stable and long-lasting.

Feel confident to buy this quality product, which is available in various color patterns.


There are some amazing features of Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe. The following features make them a good choice for bunions feet;

  • These shoes save your feet from drag due to the Adituff wraps.
  • The user gets support especially in critical areas due to TPU support that covers 360 degrees.
  • The midsole is comfortable and cushioned which is ensured by its EVA. This material is very light in weight.
  • At every step, the enhanced cushioning system is provided by Adiprene+
  • These shoes have been made durable with the help of Adiwear outsole.
  • Removable shoe insole
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Manufactured with imported materials
  • Use of ADITUFF wraps feature.
  • EVA midsole.
  • Variant colors are available.
  • It’s a lit bit weighted from others

Bottom Line

In the end, these Adidas tennis shoes built a strong portfolio by providing an Adiprene+ cushioning system. Plus, the outsole is durable. Overall, this pair of shoes is comfortable and supportive for bunions carrying people.

If you’re a beginner and looking for inexpensive shoes for bunions, this Nike Men’s Revolution 4 is the best option to buy in the market. It has a cushioned base that helps you to support high arches (also called as supination).

Moreover, these bootees have a 10mm drop and are assembled with official Nike tech (Synthetic upper, Phylon midsole).

Let see how it’s designed.

The design of these Nike tennis shoes is slightly related to its ancestor; however, it is more lightweight, and construction is more versatile.

The exterior of these shoes present a classy look and, having a single layer, 100% breathable synthetic fabric.


If we talk about the outsole of Revolution 4, it is made up of solid but flexible rubber material, which provides these bootees long-lasting support.

The semi-circular patterns on the bottom ensure a solid grip over the tennis court. Not only this, but it also enhances the potential of the foot to be flexible.

What’s unique about the midsole? 

This Nike Men’s Revolution 4 offers one of the best midsoles, having full-length EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam in its unit. Generally, athletes are curious about the sole’s bounce and flexibility. These best tennis shoes for bunions furnish natural movement to the player’s foot.

In addition to this,

At the upper basic cushioning unit, an insole is fixed, known as a slight midfoot curve. It offers excellent support to the arch.

At the end of the review,

We can state that Nike men’s revolution 4 can be considered in one of the leading clubs of shoes that offer excellent performance at such an affordable price. 

Its breathable upper, solid outsole, comfortable midsole, and sumptuous design make it exceptional in all buying scenarios.

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These are some main features that make Nike Men’s Revolution 4 tennis shoes a good option to go;

  • The midsole comes with a very soft sole to provide enhanced cushioning with the least possible weight.
  • Pods are integrated to provide traction. This is offered by providing a responsive cushioning system.
  • The sole is totally synthetic and the upper part is designed with mesh to ensure feet durability during gaming.
  • The bottom comes with a solid circular pattern to ensure enhanced grip over a harder tennis court.
  • This Nike Men’s tennis shoes have good ventilation due to their mesh texture at the exterior.
  • Inexpensive for beginners
  • Durable and long-lasting outsole
  • Great fraction design
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Not too many colors available

Bottom Line

Collectively speaking, these shoes of Nike Men are very famous to provide responsive cushioning. A solid circular pattern allows you to enjoy an extensive grip over the court. Plus, your feet would remain fresh throughout the tournament.

If you search for a classic combination of tradition, quality, and modern design, these are the best shoes for women with bunions.

The features we demand in tennis and running shoes for women are a lightweight design, comfort, fits like gloves, and enough durable to carry the body’s weight. In Adidas women’s cloudfoam pure, you will find all the features with adaptive support.

Let’s see the features in detail.

If we focus on the characteristics, you will find the modified design and synthetic materials in cloudfoam pure.

The upper part presents a sock-like fabrication along with multi-colored stretchable mesh. This premium textile structure gives excellent breathability and flexibility to the player’s foot.

In addition to this

To quickly wear and tear, Pull-tabs are situated on both the tongue and collar in the bootee. However, this footwear is exceptionally stable, but they do not offer the best durability as the best tennis shoes for bunions give.

To make these shoes comfortable! Cloudfoam Memory Foam Technology is used in midsole cushioning.

It has more for you!

Inside the Adidas women’s cloudfoam pure, an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) midsole is used. So there you can quickly move to and fro on the tennis court without any hesitation.

To ensure that player will not suffer from any pain, plenty of padding is done over the outsole and insole. After wearing these bootees in the first walk impression, you’ll feel like moving on a cushion.

Final words for Cloudfoam Pure

In our honest opinion, if you’re a newbie and looking for the best tennis and running shoes for women, then there is no other best option than cloudfoam pure. It comes in variant colors so you can pick the best which suits your feet.


The most amazing features that have made Adidas women’s cloudfoam pure tennis shoes very famous among tennis shoes are as follows;

  • The upper mesh is stretchable which makes these tennis shoes very fit for your feet.
  • The Cloudfoam and memory foam technology work together to provide you amazing feel.
  • The midsole is very soft to provide enhanced comfort and stability.
  • Multiple colors are available to provide an extensive range to pick.
  • The construction is one to all synthetic which makes every step super easy.
  • Light in weight
  • Too comfortable
  • Unique and flexible structure
  • Inexpensive
  • Cloudfoam memory foam technology
  • Not for professionals
  • Arch support is limited

Bottom Line

These Adidas shoes are very famous among female athletes. The advanced technology is very active to ensure a comfortable feeling for each step. The midsole is very soft to minimize the harder effects over the ground.

Meet these best athletic tennis shoes for bunions, which offer full-length rubber outsole and smooth insole. Then this Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Oxford is one of the best options to buy for women.

The first impression after buying and wearing these boots is that you will feel incredibly comfortable. It does not matter if you have high arches, a small heel, or an extensive toe; you can run miles without having any pain in your feet.

Let’s explore more features.

This tennis shoe provides a more solid grip on the tennis court by having eight rubber compositions instead of a full-length rubber outsole. This rubber is placed deliberately on the outer part of the shoes.

This pattern is known as a radial skeletal outsole that offers more protection and durability to the shoes without uniting additional weight.


If we talk about the insole, without a doubt, Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Oxford supports an exceptional and enhanced EVA and RE-ZORB foam cushioning technology.

This combinational cushioned support makes these bootees extremely comfortable, lightweight, and responsive.

Not only this, RE-ZORB foam gives an additional absorption feature that protects your feet from stress and impacts.

Devotion Plus 3 provides further support of the Anatomical Precise-Return insole for the bunions and arch support that help your feet run and play an intense tennis game.

How’s the upper part look?

The shoe upper is made up of breathable mesh textile. The extensive purifying pore keep player’s foot stimulated and prevents it from repulsive odor. The padded collar and tongue on the uppermost portion offer more durability and provide extra cushiony to your ankle.

What do we say?

After a detailed review, we recommend these shoes to every woman looking for the best tennis shoes for bunions. It is an excellent choice for running and playing tennis. Moreover, Devotion Plus 3 Oxford comes in various colors to choose the best that suits your feet.


These are some hot features that have made Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Oxford tennis shoes very feasible for the players;

  • The outer construction is a decent combination of mesh and synthetic fiber to provide ventilation and durability.
  • These shoes are integrated with molded EVA that has RE-ZORB throughout this platform.
  • The midsole and outsole are connected by the pod network.
  • The sole is completely synthetic to provide greater support, cushioning, and comfort.
  • The insole is anatomically constructed to provide heel support and additional arch.
  • Durable and flexible outsole.
  • Extremely comfortable arch support.
  • Fits like a glove
  • Lightweight design
  • EVA and RE-ZORB foam cushioning
  •  Lacks in the upper support

Bottom Line

In short, these Rvka shoes are not only durable but also comfortable. The breathability is competitive with the very famous brands, like NIKE, and ASICS. EVA and RE-ZORB foam has made the cushioning very advanced.

Buying's guide - Best tennis shoes for bunions

Best Tennis Shoes For Bunions

Before buying the shoes for bunions, if you want to know the most significant factors, you should carefully read this content. We have listed the things you should consider before buying the best athletic tennis shoes for bunions.   

Many buyers get disoriented while choosing the product which suits them best. For this purpose, you should read the subsequent instructions thoroughly so that your money doesn’t get ruined. To get support for your arches while playing an intense game, Get the best tennis shoes for bunions and rock the court!

To get your desire product, follow the instructions mentioned below;

1. Pick the fit shoes for your feet

If you want to be a professional athlete, then you should understand how much important it is for a player to have the right-size bootee on his feet. Size becomes an indispensable factor if a plyer has bunions in his forefoot.

For that purpose,

It is highly recommended to choose the best tennis shoes with a wide toe box.  It would be best to pick the bootees with adequate space for your toe because a toe box with wider space reduces tension around your feet.

2. Better Cushioning and Comfort

Reliable protection and better shock absorption are the essential factors you should consider before buying tennis shoes. The material used in midsoles determines the comfort level of bootees. For instance, if made using technologies like EVA, Polyurethane, UVA, etc., you will find these shoes well-cushioned, incredibly soft, lightweight, and durable.

In addition to this,

These bootees offer you more immeasurable arch care, flexible uppers, and adequate tongue padding. If you have bunions in your feet, then selecting a shoe not manufactured for bunions can be a huge disaster. 

Above, we have listed the best tennis shoes for bunions that are uniquely designed for you.

3. The Design of Heels and Soles 

To get the stress and pain off of your feet, having excellent heels and design is mandatory. Tight heels may make you uncomfortable while wearing the shoes. At the same time, wide shoes may make your feet unfit.

So, as a tennis player, you should only consider a heel that perfectly fits your feet and makes you feel comfortable. According to experts, you should not buy the shoes that have heels more than 2 inches.

4. Traction and grip in the court

Uniquely designed shoes for bunions feet don’t offer you only exceptional comfort, but a more reliable grip and traction. You should only wear the bootee, which provides you significant friction in every weather condition.

Thus, in to and fro motion of your feet on the tennis court; they can protect you more significantly from any physical injuries that may hurt your bunions. That’s why a rubber outsole with a great pattern is an essential factor you should consider before buying the best tennis shoes. 

5. Flexible and breathable upper

The breathable and flexible upper mesh, manufactured with a synthetic material, means a lot when you have bunions in your feet. Picking a shoe with that stuff offers your feet an excellent feel while running and playing intense tennis games.

In addition to this,

you can stretch your feet easily without making any external pressure that might hurt your bunions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shoes are bad for bunions?

If you’re an athlete, then uncomfortably pointy shoes are bad for bunions, it can cause pain in your hammertoes. To evade these dilemmas, choose a bootee having a wider toe box.


2. What is the best width of the shoes for bunions? 

A shoe that covers your toe entirely and still has adequate space so that you can move your toe comfortably inside is the best width of the shoes for bunions.


3. Do bunions get more harmful over time?

Sadly, if you don’t care about your bunion properly, then yes, it could get more harmful over time. Few reasons which cause your bunions to hurt are; wearing narrow tennis shoes, flat soles and heal, firm and tight upper mesh.


4. What should be the weight of the shoes?

If you are a tennis player, lightweight shoes are recommended because they put less pressure on your feet. In addition, shoes with less weight make you feel comfortable while playing a game on the court. 


5. Do high heels help if you have a bunion in your feet?

An expert’s review states that having high heel tennis shoes can excess pressure on the player’s forefoot, and it may cause your bunion’s pain. So it would help if you bought the shoes having high-heel not more than 2 inches.


Buying the best tennis shoes for bunions is undoubtedly a complicated process! For assistance in selecting a product, we listed the best shoes for athletes who have bunions on their feet.

Players who have an arched in their forefoot should pick the bootee, which makes them feel comfortable. However, all the features that make the footwear ideal cannot be compiled in an individual product. But still, all the products mentioned above are selected under the supervision of experts, so these products contain top features you should have on your feet.

Before buying the shoes,

It would be best if you considered things like the intensity of the match, court conditions, playing strategies, and suitability of the shoes; in your mind.

In the end,

We recommend you to have shoes which make your bunions feel comfortable. So if you choose any other product from the above list, keep this subjective in your mind.

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