Best Tennis Shoes for Beginners in 2023 – [Buying Guide]

The tennis game requires agility and high efficiency from the player. For faster movements, you need shoes that cover your feet from all sides. If you are a newbie on the tennis court, you will surely require the best tennis shoes for beginners.

In addition, your feet will remain from unnecessary pain and injuries. On the other hand, the shoes will provide you with high-arch support with maximum traction. Moreover, you will enjoy the proper balancing from the lateral and front sides.

What else do you want? It will help you to prevent the damage with enhanced support and stability.

Furthermore, the outsole and inner sole of the shoes make the shoes soft and entirely fabricated. Let us have a look at the best market products to choose from.

Best tennis shoes for beginners – a perfect match for new athletes!

Lets have a look at our top picks:



Nike Women’s Free RN Flyknit

Budget Friendly

Babolat Jet
Mash ll

The player who is looking for the best performance in the court with maximum support should go with this option. The shoes are equipped with the heritage technologies of the company.

Are you looking for shoes to play in clay court? Clay courts are mostly wet and contain moisture. If you intend to play in such an area, this will be a perfect choice for you. The Lightning dry feature of the shoes sucks the moisture and keep the shoes dry. Under all weather conditions, the shoes are ready to use.

Moreover, the shoes are 90% leather with only 10% synthetic fiber in them. The non-marking outsole makes the shoes look fresh and new anytime.

The company has revised its material for the sake of the user’s comfort and ease, the company has revised the sole material. The toe tip has been changed for enhanced toe drag. This will help you to answer the upcoming shots efficiently.

It does not end here, the shoes are now lighter than ever. It allows you longer wear without any stress and pressure on your bones.

Let’s have a glance at the midsole, there is a C-CAP midsole that provides you with proper cushioning around your feet.

In addition to this, the ABZORB cushioning makes the shoes the most comfortable tennis shoes ever. Lastly, you will love that ROLLBAR technology as it allows you ultimate control over your movements. You can choose from sizes 7 to 16 if you go with these shoes.

  • Easy movements
  • Maximum lateral support
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • 100% imported material
  • Dries very quickly
  • Distinctive herringbone outsole
  • Best for longer wears
  • You might face glue issues in wet areas

For the perfect wear in hard courts for the summer season, this is a must to wear shoes. The shoes have been redesigned with some technical updates and a better interface for user’s flexibility.

What’s new in this version?

In this version, you will have improved stability and explosiveness. Also, the midsole has a polyurethane that has more softness than before. Furthermore, the forefoot and toe-box now come with more stability.  Other than this, the designers have now kept the cushioning level of the forefoot and heel the same.

It has more for you!

You will enjoy the lateral movements with the double-layer mesh. It also keeps your feet dry inside while allowing you the dynamic motion.

You will also love to know

The company cares for your heel’s comfort. The shoes are equipped with the ADIPRENE for superior level comfort.

What comes with the outsole?

The ADIWEAR 5 outsole adds more durability to the player’s feet. It keeps your high-wear areas relaxed and comfortable.

It does not end here!

There is sustainable mesh 2.0 that makes the inner material tough and durable. Other than this, the upper portion is scratches free and helps you play better than the other shoes.


The sock liner of the shoes makes them custom fit and perfect for use. It covers your feet from all sides to keep them in place while playing.

The shoes are light in weight

The upper cage of the shoes makes these light in weight. It has supportive overlays. Conclusively, you will love the shoes in order to play under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Lightweight shoes
  • Enhanced durability
  • External dual-density
  • SPRINTFRAME construction
  • Imported rubber sole
  • Superior heel comfort
  • Durable made material
  • Might not perfect for the narrow feet

The synthetic and imported sole of the shoes makes them comfortable in use. With the supportive inner sole, you will fly on the court while playing the game.

The Dri-FIT fabric feature

It keeps the feet totally dry under wet conditions. You can play under the rainy seasons freely. Other than this, the fabric of the shoes fits well to protect your feet all around. It keeps the sweat away from your feet!

Attractive design and look

The pure platinum and luminous look of the shoes makes them charming and alluring.

What else it has?

The outsole of the shoes has heel-to-toe grooves. It allows you to bend and move in the court tension-free. Furthermore, the shaft of the shoes measures approximately “Low-Top” from the arch.

In addition

The elastic waist of the shoes keeps your feet possible fit and comfortable. Moreover, it accommodates the players’ feet of every size. Get the shoes for an authentic look!

Feel the upper sole of the shoe’s second skin!

The featherweight of the upper sole makes the shoes more supportive. It has the stretchy Flyknit that makes the shoes weigh less so that you can rock the court. Moreover, it allows you to answer the upcoming fast shots with less energy.

Keeps your feet cool

The Flyknit design allows the lateral sides of the shoes to lose and open so that the air freely circulates inside. It quickly dries the sweat and let your feet remain cool inside. So that you can play well in wet environmental conditions.

What if I have narrow feet?

Foot width is not a problem for these shoes. The Flywire cable works well to tighten your feet. It supports your feet from all sides in order to provide you with stability.

It does not end here

The shoes have a round heel so that it rolls as you stride over the ground. In addition to this, the toe texture makes the sole more comfortable.

  • Maximum traction
  • High durability
  • More supportive
  • Barefoot like sensation
  • Natural feel
  • Light in weight
  • Prevents unwanted tiredness
  • Recommended size is a bit small

For kids ranging from 8 to 12 years, this is the best choice to make your child a pro player. The young player does not have to put much for an efficient playing method.

Supportive Insole

The company has added DURATEX and TRUSSTIC system for better support to the little feet. This also provides stability to your midfoot in order to make your game fast and quick.

Stay dry in a wet environment

With the Sockliner ORTHOLITE technology, your feet will remain dry inside. Furthermore, you can replace them to make the shoes more comfortable and stable.

Other than this

It makes the shoes suitable for long-term wear. As the PGUARD toe protection prevents the shoes from unwanted injuries. Moreover, the added durability allows you to play with more confidence.

Highly Resilient Outsole

The outsole grips your feet for enhanced stability. Moreover, it is highly flexible for excellent level support all around the feet.

It offers more to you

Above all, you will love the shock absorption feature coupled with the GEL technology and the cushioned EVA. In addition, the FLEXION FIT pampers the feet from all sides to helps you answer the incoming shots.


You can choose from different colors according to your choice. Go for your kid’s favorite one and gift him/her on the next birthday.

  • Shock absorption
  • PGURAD toe protector
  • Fits well with the FLEXION fit feature
  • GUARD GEL cushioning
  • Maximum all foot stability
  • Handles great amount of pressure
  • Best in style and comfort
  • The shoes can be better if they are light in weight

Covering the vast range of tennis wear, Babolat offers you the best features. It not only allows you quicker movements but also makes your shoes more comfortable inside.

Putting light on the features one by one

In comparison, to the previous version, the shoes are much lighter in weight. In addition, it has increased stability to provide you with additional support.

It comes with KPRS-X technology

Thanks to the running company that has added the necessary cushioning. Other than this, Matryx 2.0 technology makes the shoes more supportive. In addition, the lateral threads hold your feet tightly.

What comes in the outsole?

The outsole is coupled with the Michelin fabric that makes them resistant. Furthermore, the lateral reinforcement of the inner foot prevents you from unwanted sliding.

Become more accurate, quick, and agile

With the Active Flexion technology, you can take advantage of the quicker footwork, optimum agility, and high accuracy. Moreover, the stud in S allows you to move in multiple directions.

The exclusive rubber formulation

Above all, the company has added an innovative rubber formula. It keeps your feet protected inside. Even it keeps the feet free from pain after long wear.

Minimum Deterioration

In combination with all features, the shoes are the best option to avoid distortions during the game.

Added instant comfort

There comes a multi-layer ergo motion insole; it not only makes the shoes shock absorbing but also comfortable. In addition to this, the Ortholite memory shape technology makes the shoes the best tennis shoes for beginners.


The maximum traction and the durability on all types of courts make it the best tennis shoes.

  • Recommended for all types of courts
  • High durability
  • Great foot protection feature
  • Light in weight
  • Supportive in all conditions
  • Protective from all sides
  • Ortholite memory shape technology
  • No as such

What should I check while buying the shoes for the first time?

Selecting the product for the first time takes a lot of time as you feel scared about investing in the new company. In addition, you do not have much experience with the product regarding the specific niche. So, while making the decision, check the following points if a product covers all or not!

best tennis shoes for beginners

Durability according to your playtime

The durability makes the shoes last longer than average. In general, the rule applies to all products. Most importantly, Tennis players should find highly durable shoes in order to move faster. The durable shoes will not only have a larger life span, but they also make you agile and accurate.

Some of the brands add more material in order to make the shoes more durable. However, it increases the weight of the shoes to some extent. But don’t fret! We have added all the shoes with lighter weight and high durability in the above list.

The shoes must be flexible

Better flexibility of the shoes helps you move better in the court. It allows you to capture and run for the shots in an improved manner, as the material of the shoes adjusts according to your lifts. It uplifts your performance in the court and prevents you from injuries.

The pro players typically use the shoes to help themselves out in stressful situations. In addition, the comfort level of your body is directly proportional to your flexibility. And flexibility relates to the comfort level of your shoes. Proper cushioning, higher stability, and extra support collectively make the shoes best tennis shoes for hard courts.

Comfort and proper Cushioning

The comfort level of the shoes mostly depends on the quality of the midsole. The shoes that come with the EVA midsole are rocking the court these days. It provides you with maximum cushioning from all possible sides to allow better motion. In addition, it pampers the feet so that you remain safe inside from the shocks and jolts of the game.

Make sure that the shoes perfectly match your size

Shoe size remains a big issue till the end! The shoes that hold your feet in place are the most reliable ones. While buying the shoes make sure that the size of your feet matches the shoe’s room correctly. Moreover, check the breathability as well.
The upper mesh of the shoes must allow the external air to circulate inside so that your feet remain dry in wet conditions. Swat can also cause smell in your shoes, of course, you will not like it! So, make sure that the air comes thoroughly inside the shoes.

General FAQs

1. Are tennis shoes non-slippery in nature?

Yes, to avoid any mishap, tennis shoes are made slip-free. However, it does not mean that you start walking on the oily or wet grounds freely! The shoes allow you to play tension-free in court. So that you can use it perfectly for the clay courts and grassy areas.

2. What are better ways to stop tennis shoes from squeaking?

Most sports shoes have this issue in common. Either these are running shoes or tennis sneakers! To get rid of this issue, try to use the baby powder under your insole. In addition, make sure that you wear socks every time.
Also, try to keep the room of your shoes clean and neat. If the shoes are made from leather, grease them regularly.

3. In regard to quality and value, what should a buyer prefer?

The simple answer to this question depends on your pocket! While purchasing the shoes, you have to decide how much you can pay for it! Most commonly, the buyer must prefer quality in order to get the best tennis shoes for men or women.

It also depends on the nature of your game, either you are a professional player. Or if you play tennis as your hobby. Lastly, the decision is yours!


We have discussed the best tennis shoes for beginners in detail. The purpose behind the debate is to make you aware of the best products in the market, We also intend to share the buying points with you so that you can make your decision easy.

If you go with any of the above products, mention it in our comments section below! You can also add your experience to our reviews.