Best Tennis Shoes For 2024 – [Best Picks with Buying Guide]

Are you in search of the Best Tennis Shoes? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Perfect shoes for tennis are like choosing the best tennis rackets. Both have the same worth.

Your comfort should be a priority while selecting shoes. If you do not feel comfortable while playing, the chances of losing the game increases. Therefore, the recreational tennis players and the trainers focus on their shoes firstly.

Moreover, wearing comfortable shoes allow you to move freely in the court to face the incoming shots towards you. Besides, the best tennis shoes are less susceptible to wear and tear.

The shoes go along with you, and your feet get adjusted to them by the passage of time. Most of the players get confused while selecting the shoes; we have some recommendations for them under the expert’s review.


We have selected the 14 best tennis shoes out of thousands of shoes available in the market. The list is not sorted in ascending or descending order.

Every pair of shoes has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look at our selected products. Firstly, take a look at our top picks:

If you want a responsive strike in the court with the best feelings ever, place the order for the get resolution 8 now! These tennis shoes are recommended for the players of all ages, and all heights. The upper cushioned layers of the shoes make the fully supportive with the foam fitting.

The shoes are featured with the DYNAWALL technology that maintains the foot stability of the player on the ground. You will find these shoes the best choice for coast-to-coast coverage and lateral movements while playing.

For the players who love the quick transitions, there is a torque control feature in the heel counter. It locks your feet fully with the shoes. Moreover, according to the name of the shoes, the get resolution, i.e., gel technology cushions your midfoot and heel.

This helps you in maintaining your posture while the abrupt stops and reduce the shocks on your feet as well. Likewise, the AHAR compound works with the combination of PGUARD that reduces the level of your wearing. It also works as the toe protector as well as increase your pull in the court.


The following features of Gel Resolution 8 make them valuable to buy:

  • Your feet will not be stressed out with the rear and forefoot cushioning system.
  • You will feel enhanced toe durability with the PGURAD technology
  • The Trusstic system makes the shoes weightless and provides them with the structural integrity
  • The shoes fit to the athlete’s feet with the flexion fit system and the P.H.F collar lining
  • It allows you movements in multiple planes and has cushions that work as a shock absorber.
  • Enhanced durability
  • Personalized fit
  • Fully cushioned
  • Light in weight
  • Allows free body movement
  • Coast-to-coast coverage
  • Beautifully designed
  • Tight fit features can alter the movements of feet

Bottom Line

Asics Gel Resolution 8 Comes with the durability to protect the athlete’s front line. Your rearfoot will also remain intact with the cushioning technology.

However, the shoes are highly stable but still, they don’t provide the maximum stability as the previous version did. Asics has added more rigidity in the shoes but the same size shoes are narrower than before due to the design of the shoes.

If you want a strenuous physical activity in the court without putting in much effort, Adidas Adizero is the best choice for you. None of the other shoes can beat its performance and ideal experience of the user.

If we have a glance at the outsole of the shoes, it is designed for maximum traction in the court. Moreover, the ample coverage of the shoes distributes the weight evenly so that your body remains stress-free. Meanwhile, the midsole possesses the compressed E.V.A. foam that adds more responsiveness to the shoes.

Moreover, the mesh and the base layer are highly breathable to minimize the sweating issues in warm weather. The midfoot cage covers the feet as a supportive cradle.

With the Adiwear outsole, the shoes are unbeatable in comfort level. The athletes using these shoes are allowed omnidirectional movements in the court without any fear of injuries. In addition to these features, these shoes are highly flexible and stable to prevent you from potent injuries.


Adidas Adizero is distinguished from other best tennis shoes due to the following reasons:

  • The impressive underfoot covering is excellent for the omnidirectional traction
  • These are specially designed for the strong grip over the firm and flat surfaces of the traditional tennis court
  • Adidas Ubersonic is useful for both soft and hard terrains
  • The breathability of these shoes allows your feet to remain dry in the hot climate
  • To reduce the pain of the player, the shoes have extra support around the midfoot for optimized weight distribution
  • Extra E.V.A. cushioning
  • Highly breathable
  • Protects athletes from potent injuries
  • Designed for the fashion-oriented player
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to carry in the court
  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line

The shoes are lighter in weight and easy to carry in every type of court for long sessions. You will find your speed double up while using the will also help you in playing to different dimensions and planes quickly.

However, it offers less foot support and protection than other shoes on the list. You will feel tired soon while playing tennis using these shoes.

Babolat is the leading brand in the world of the best shoes, either tennis, football, or badminton. The company offers other sports products to the users as well. If we have a glance at the manufacturing of the Jet Mach 3, we find it one of the best tennis shoes without any confusion.

The shoes are specially designed to encourage the user for maximum support and quickness. The shoes are equipped with the Matryx 2.0 fabric that makes them innovative and perfect to use in rough and tough courts. Moreover, they make the shoes light in weight and more protected for feet in use. Babolat users remain safe from harsh injuries and get perfectly fit slim shoes for their feet.

To add comfort for the user and more flexibility while playing, the insole has a multi-layered ergo-motion. It divides the foot pressure evenly so that the player does not get tired soon in the court. With the ortho line memory-shape technology, you will love to have instant protection from the shocks. It fits the user homogeneously with the 4 straps of stiff mono threads. E.V.A. foam pad technology protects your heel from stretch and pain.


  • What makes Babolat Jet Mach 3 worth-buying? The following features are must to consider
  • The outsole of the shoes is made from the Michelin rubber that optimizes the foot stability.
  • With the polyamide fiber technology, the lateral stability is enhanced.
  • The padded technology has improved as compared to the old versions.
  • It has the Michelin Premium DIN 20 the is outstanding for delivering the maximum traction and durability.
  • The most amazing thing that makes the shoes perfect for the player is the weight that adds on flexibility in them.
  • Polyamide fiber for enhanced stability
  • Highly breathable
  • E.V.A. foam pad
  • Homogeneously fit
  • Maximum protection from injuries
  • Comfortable for harsh games
  • Warranty issues in some cases
  • The problem in arch support

Bottom Line

Babolat is the most renowned company for sports products. However, Babolat Jet Mach 3 is nice looking shoes but be aware of its narrow and tightening toe. After regular use, the sole of the shoes becomes disconnected with the midsole of the shoes. The shoes are mostly recommended for players with small heights.

With the ultra-express technology, the K-Swiss allows you proper orientation in the court. If you want the best performance in the court, without any fatigue, these shoes are highly recommended for you! With the best design, the shoes allow you to play comfortably and receive the incoming shots with confidence. The upper mesh allows proper ventilation in hot seasons so that your feet remain dry inside.

With the maximum arch support, your stability in the court is enhanced. With the premium quality of the cushion and additional padding, your feet remain comfortable inside. The Drag-guard technology and the DuraWrap Flex makes the mesh breathable and best for all-season use. The shoes are light in weight to use with the material used. This also makes the distractions of your feet reduced, and Heel grip lining makes the feet secure.

The soft Ortholite insole of the shoes makes them anti-bacterial and safe to use without any worries. With the moisture management system of the shoes, your feet remain dry in the wet seasons.

The midsole is made with the Surgelite that is highly flexible in use. It makes the shoes more durable and flexible. Moreover, this aids in energy return and adds more comfort to your game. The 0.7 high-density outsole rubber offers you high traction.


K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme is good and lightweight shoes regarding the following features:

  • The upper mesh makes the shoes breathable and best to use in all seasons
  • With the SeamFree construction with the tied laces makes the feet secure while playing
  • The soft Ortholite technology is useful in moisture management.
  • The 180 PSC has increased control on the torsional value of the shoes
  • The insole is also featured with the anti-microbial material that keeps you safe from any allergic effect
  • Color choices
  • Durable in use
  • Rubber outsole
  • High traction value
  • More comfortable
  • Roomy inside
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Toe and heel abrasion resistant
  • Do not fit every feet size
  • More space inside the proof to be less supportive

Bottom Line

K-Swiss Men’s HyperCourt Supreme are over-padded tennis shoes to reduce the chances of injury. However, the user can feel uncomfortable while using the shoes as it is not good at soaking the sweat while playing. Most of the users have felt pain at different spots after using the shoes for a long time.

If you want shoes that make your speed near to light in the court, then you must go with Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4. The shoes are a complete package that covers all the basic needs of a player in the court. Wave  Exceed Tour 4 has a shock-absorbing midsole to defeat the upcoming shots.  The shoes are equipped with a number of technologies, including D-flex grove, S.R. touch, and wave PoWance.

The player will feel the responsive underfoot sensation to support the explosive moment while playing.  The upper textile of the shoes is made from synthetic leather combined with T.P.U. that makes them more breathable. This gives the player enhanced support and more durability giving them flexible feel and surprising adaptivity.

The 3-D solid protection layer on the shoes makes them more durable from the upper side and gives you a better feel in hot weather. The sole of the shoes makes it more durable while the harsh landings on the court. With the side rubber, you will feel more lateral stability than before. It will also increase your durability against the hard shots.

Equipped with advanced technology, you will feel the shoes lighter in weight. It’s superior cushioning keeps you free from any exceeded tension and stress. The rubber of the shoes makes them compatible with more extended wear.  The total weight of the shoes after manufacturing is 11.9 Oz. The player will feel burden-free while wearing the shoes.


Mizuno Wave exceeds tour 4 are superior from other shoes due to the following features:

  • The midsole of the shoes is equipped with S.R. touch to observe the incoming shocks.
  • The company provides the user exchange for refund warranty in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the performance of the shoes.
  • With U4icX Strobel Lasting Board, you are granted 100% comfort of the underfoot lining.
  • The diagonal groove in the middle of shoes maximizes your speed and takes less effort from your body.
  • With the remarkable cushioning and wider fitting range, you will feel comfortable while using the shoes.
  • Light in weight
  • extra cushioning
  • Maximum speed
  • Shock absorbing
  • White fitting range
  • D-flex groove
  • More breathable
  • Keep the player stable on the court
  • No as such

Bottom Line

Getting the final words for Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4, the shoes are easy wearing that comes with the confidence of winning the game. It comes with the imported fabric having rubber sole to make them more breathable. The user can feel the rare foot pain with less padding in the midsole.

Yonex has been a famous company e in making sports products.  In the list of best tennis shoes, we have Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2. These shoes are for those players who were searching for the shoes for better stability in the court. With the power cushion mat in the soul of the shoes, you will find your bouncing power levelled up. It not only absorbs the shock but also bounces back the energy you have used to reduce the impact on your knees.

After wearing the shoes, you’ll feel ready for higher octane matches in the hard courts. If we talk about the durability of the shoes, you will find it 5% better than other shoes. With the Endurance Rubber II Technology, the shoes provide you with traction and support in the court. It is a perfect foot-ware for the player who wants to get rid of the slipperiness of the court. So, make your feet sticky to the ground by buying this pair for you.

You will feel a clear difference in the breathability and fitness of the shoes. It will keep your feet dry in the hot season and makes you feel better in the court. The midsole of the shoes has AgilityBolt,  ToughBird, and power Cushion+ equipped with a power graphite sheet that makes some more durable.

The Pu Guard Technology makes the upper skin of the shoes durable with enhanced support and agility. After manufacturing, the total weight of the shoes was found to be 14.2 ounces. The shoes have 25% more shock-absorbing capacity and 12% enhanced repulsion with exceptional cushioning.


The following features make Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 best in use:

  • The shoes are ultra-light in weight so that you feel your feet burden less.
  • With the double Raschel mash, the shoes are more durable and breathable.
  • It provides an extraordinary air exchange capacity than other shoes.
  • The shoes are shaped to accommodate a big toe in place during the game.
  • These are equipped with new AgilityBolt technology that enhances the stability of the player in the court.
  • Extra cushioning
  • Added support
  • More durable
  • Double Raschel  mesh
  • Keeps your feet dry
  • Endurance Rubber 2 outsole
  • Offers great traction
  • 25% more shock absorbing
  • More suspected to wear and tear
  • Less life’s duration

Bottom Line

It is normal for the shoes to wear out, but in the case of Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2, it is soon if used regularly. In regards to the color and the design, these shoes are matchless! Wearing the shoes can make you more agile and you can face the incoming shots with more confidence.

Available in 10 colour schemes, next we have on the list of best tennis shoes is New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v11 Tennis Shoes. These tennis shoes are equipped with new innovative technologies that are specially designed for the players that need more stability and support in the court. With the enhanced lateral stability, you will love the Kinetic stitch technology of the shoes.  For ultimate underfoot comfort, you will like the fresh forming beneath the upper sole of the shoes.

It has more adaptiveness in running so that the player can answer the incoming shorts efficiently. The material of the shoes is 100% synthetic with a rubber sole and imported quality. This makes sure that the shoes will go along with you.

The overall blend of stability, speed, comfort, and durability of the shoes makes them more responsive while playing. The Kinetic stitch technology of the shoes consumes Plastic cover threads so that your feet remain at the place. Moreover, the airline based shoes make your feet locked inside that provide you with more stability.

In short, the shoes are engineered for the players who need devastating cuts and comfort in the court while playing. The Arch and width of the shoes are compatible with medium-sized players. After manufacturing, the total weight of the shoes was 420 grams. So, feel burden-free after wearing the shoes.


The below-mentioned features make the New Balance Men’s Tennis shoes worth buying:

  • Its kinetic stitching Technology keeps your feet balanced and stable while playing.
  • The innovative, fresh foam cushion in the midsole of the shoes keeps it comfortable for a hectic game
  • With the rubber sole, the shoes are reliable for answering the incoming shots.
  • The external heel counter keeps your feet In a balanced position.
  • The Bootie, the construction of the shoes, makes them compatible with the players of all ages and height.
  • External heel counter
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Imported made material
  • Kinetic stitching for longevity
  • Extremely cushioned for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Shock absorbent
  • Not recommended for taller and healthy players
  • It takes time to adjust with the feet
  • Midsole Feels Hard

Bottom Line

New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v11 Tennis Shoes come with a tight inner sleeve that grips your feet tightly so that it remains at the place during the game. But! The problem lies when you wear the shoes the second time, it becomes wider and uncomfortable for the player. You will feel it narrow at once but the next time your feet will come out while playing.

To help the players with top pros, or the player who is searching for the best tennis shoes for working out, Lotto men mirage 100 tennis shoes are the best one in regards to stability and comfort. The upper layer of the shoes is equipped with a multi-layer Kurim for more breathability. With the anti-abrasion toe cap, you will feel feather-weight while playing tennis. It will help in keeping your feet dry in hot weather conditions.

The middle of the shoes has the moulded E.V.A. cushion Technology that aids in more stability of the player. Therefore, it is counted among the best-cushioned tennis shoes. Moreover, SYN-Pulse Technology adds more comfort with extra padding of the shoes. It reduces the court shock and helps you in moving quickly at each step.

The Ortholite feature of the shoes has a maximum thickness of 5.5mm minimum of 4mm so that you can enjoy the slim fit shoes. For the enhanced traction and durability, there is a geometric and innovative outsole for the user. You will have a tight grip on the court surface while using the shoes.  The shoes allow the user more bouncing capability while replying to the incoming shots.

You can select between White, Navy, and Orange colour if you choose these shoes from the best tennis shoes list. After manufacturing, the weight of the shoes was found to be 12.6 ounces. Therefore, it is light to carry while you are facing a hard game. Bringing shoes to the wardrobe and focus on the winning prize!


Lotto’s men tennis shoes have the following features that make them different from other products:

  • The lightweight shoes enhance your flexibility while playing in the court.
  • You will feel more durability with the table uppercase of the shoes that provide support to your feet.
  • There are reduced chances of injury, with Lotto Syn-Pulse technology that optimizes shock absorbing power.
  • The padding of the shoes provides you with more comfort with maximum energy return.
  • Its anti-abrasion toe cap of the shoes makes it more stable to answer the harsh incoming shots.
  • Enhance stability
  • Optimized shock-absorbing power
  • Anti-abrasion outsole
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to carry in the court
  • Highly durable
  • Stable upper cage
  • Increases agility
  • Issues in fitness to the feet

Bottom Line

The shoes are light in weight with maximum cushioning and shock-absorbing Technology and come with a grip herringbone pattern so that your feet remain intact and you feel comfortable while playing. On the negative side, you will feel sweating when you play tennis with these shoes in summer.

If you are looking for best all-around tennis shoes that are minimally layered with lightweight, Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 is the best choice for you. With a smart and sleek design that suits all the players, Wilson is offering you the best services in the town. Wilson is designed for the players that work on smart and furious movements while playing.

The shoes will prevent you from unwanted injuries and stress by ignoring the painful twisting on the faster motion. The Sensifeel 2.0 material with the coupling of lightweight mesh provides balanced airflow to your feet. To make the shoes lighter in weight, the upper layer of the shoes has minimum material used.

With the 4D support Chassis,  you will have more grip on your shoes while playing. It will add more stability to the player. The manufacturer of the shoes has focused on the rebound and cushioning capability of the shoes. Therefore, the natural speed of the player is doubled than before. In addition to this, the high-density rubber provides excellent traction on the surface.

Moreover, the Endofit technology of the shoes allows overall stability and intuitive fit experience to the user. The DF2 technology of the shoes makes it compatible with quick reactions and dynamically fit. Wear Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 and play firmly in the court. For these reasons, this considered as the tennis shoes with the best arch support.


The following features make the shoes worth buying:

  • 4D Support Chassis makes control over the pivots easy without losing stability.
  • The upper portion of the shoes is minimally layered for enhanced breathability and comfort.
  • Sensifeel 2.0 material with the lightweight mesh creates a dynamic airflow over the shoes and feet.
  • The shoes come with a 6 months outsole durability warranty after the date of purchase.
  • You can choose your shoes in blue/white or black/white color with a size range of 7 to 14.
  • Color variations
  • Breathable mesh
  • More rebounding limit
  • Light in weight
  • Support aggressive players
  • Allows fast movements
  • The high-density rubber compound
  • Controlled deceleration
  • Comes with toe guard
  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line

If you are in search of shoes with minimum drawbacks and maximum feasibilities, Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 tennis shoes will prove the best choice for you. Its engineered mash makes the shoes more breathable and the outsole is imported and rubber fabricated for enhanced user experience. In addition, you can feel slight tightening from the toes while wearing the shoes.

Ending a list of the best tennis shoes with products from K-swiss. It is among the best tennis shoe brands. For the players who are in search of high stability and support, ULTRASHOT 3 is the best option for them. The shoes are newly designed with lightweight synthetic rubber to provide excellent support and stability for your aggressive moments. Feel feather-weight with the shoes and land on the court with confidence.

The midfoot shank helps you to resist the unwanted twisting, thus providing you with more stability. Its textile collar lining of the shoes makes it slim fit for all types of feet. Deliver high-end performance in the court by adding the shoes to your wardrobe.

If we talk about the outsole of the shoes, It is made from a surge 7.0 rubber compound that helps in excellent traction and durability. On the positive side of the shoes is that it is compatible with all types of surfaces so that you can give your best in all types of court. The middle of the shoes is featured with the E.V.A. rubber cushioning, which is excellent for stability.

The player of the shoes is cosmetically developed as compared to the previous versions of the shoes. According to the men’s tennis shoe reviews, this factor makes it more custom fit according to the feet of the user.  To increase the breathability of the shoes, there is more mesh used in the forefeet. The moisture-wicking lining absorbs your sweat while playing and works for better flexibility.


The following features make the K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 great tennis shoes:

  • It comes with a medium width that fits almost every player.
  • The shoes can be used for both men and women due to its neutral design.
  • It prevents excessive toe-dragging with Durawrap technology.
  • The Dragguard 7.0 offers traction on any court surface and durability that extends to the toe area.
  • For high-quality support, the shoes come with K-EVA  technology.
  • High traction capability
  • Prevents excessive toe-dragging
  • Compatible with hard Court surfaces
  • Durawrap Technology
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Breathable mesh
  • Equipped with new midsole technology Surge+ 7.0
  • Neutral design for both  men and women
  • felt pretty warm after every hit.

Bottom Line

The K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 offers only obvious enhancements. It is one of the strongest and most stable tennis shoes in the K-Swiss series. It is strong enough to develop the court quickly, and the grip is enough to easily adjust the bearings. While the looks are excellent, the Ultrashot 3 isn’t breathable. If breathability is a major issue for you, consider Adidas or Asics.

When it comes to the top tennis shoes, players usually prefer Asics Court FF 2 for comfort and its technical features. The power you want in the court comes with the advanced formulation in these shoes. With its FLYTEFOAM midsole, you can jump in the court with your maximum energy and respond to the incoming shots smartly.

The cushioning and the Gel Technology covered in the front and back of the shoes allows you to reach a maximum height with killer confidence. Its SOLYTE insole enhances the bounce rate of the player thus helping your shoes to last longer. On the positive side, the Mono-Sock technology of the shoes makes them fitfully to the feet of the player with the internal elastic sleeve.

Moreover, the player who is in search of the hard-wearing, for the hard courts, will find these shoes useful. These come with high resisting rubber that helps in reducing the rate of losing the essential part of the shoes while coming in contact with the court.


The following features of the shoes make it the best choice for professional players:

  • It’s AHAR Outsole comes with high abrasion rubber that enhances the durability of the shoes.
  • The Cushioning of the rare and forefoot having gel makes it shock-absorbing and allows movement in multiple planes.
  • In addition, its COURT FF contemporary design makes the shoes good-looking and attractive
  • Its ORTHOLITE sock liner makes the moisture management system strong and helps in bouncing
  • The TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® TECHNOLOGY is useful in making them lightweight and retaining the structural integrity
  • Lightweight
  • Good moisture management system
  • Comes with ASICS high-abrasion rubber
  • Exceptional durability
  • Elastic internal sleeve
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Equipped with the organic super fibers
  • Can make blister in small toes
  • The design has less room for little fingers

Bottom Line

These shoes are an updated version of Court Novak FF, specially crafted for aggressive players. It allows you to push your games till the limits with dynamic speed and more durability. The lightweight and its comfy components make them flexible in working. Moreover, the shoes come with a reasonable price tag.

Are you intended for buying the outdoor court shoes? When it comes to buying the shoes for a hard Court tournament, Nike Court Lite 2 is the best choice for the buyer. It comes in beautiful designs for both men and women. Moreover, you can select between different colour schemes of your own choice. During the practice and competitions, you can try the shoes for its supportive features.

Its distinctive patterns, the synthetic leather material, padded collar, rubber outsole, and removable insole collectively make it the best tennis shoes. Let’s have a look at the working of all the features one by one.

The removable insole makes the cleaning of the shoes easy and simpler. Moreover, its outsoles come in 5 unique patterns with the basic movements and more traction. Your ankles will feel more comfortable with the padded collar and the tongue added around. The midsole foam is very steep and keeps your feet in the correct place.

The manufacturing of the outsole includes leather and textile that enhances the lifespan of the shoes.  On the positive side, you will feel more breathable with a mesh tongue around the shoes. It’s GDR outsole makes it more durable in use.


What is the reason behind choosing Nike Court Lite 2 as the best tennis shoes? The following features are the answer to this simple question.

  • For the user’s feasibility, the added layer of material is helpful to avoid maximum injury levels.
  • A higher sum of the users thinks that the shoes are supportive of hard court-tennis games.
  • Its rubber outsole makes it more durable and abrasion-resistant in the court.
  • The synthetic rubber and leather material adds durability and makes them lightweight simultaneously.
  • Most of its users claim that its outsole is excellent for maximum grips and allows spontaneous running in the court.
  • Supportive in hard courts
  • Innovative rubber outsole
  • Highly cushioned midsole
  • Excellent grip
  • Recommended for both man and woman
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Maintains right balance of grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent wearing
  • Unexceptionally fit during out-boxing

Bottom Line

We have found these shoes best for athletes who have just started their careers in tennis. Its fused mesh with synthetic outsole makes it a bit tight at the start, but afterward, you will feel comfortable inside. For a decent option with supportive features, it is highly recommended.

Specially designed for the recreational players having the quest to be the winner of the game. This is counted among the best tennis shoe clay court. Asics Gel Challenger 12 comes with support and more durability for the players. It has an excellent bounce-back rate equipped with AHARPLUS outsole to reduce the chances of injury.

In addition to this, the shores come in a bold design with an attractive color scheme to add to your confidence in your game.

The Trusstic System Technology helps it in reducing the weight so that the player feels comfortable inside. On the positive side, it is more helpful in maintaining the structural integrity of the shoes. The shoes are also helpful in absorbing the sweet to keep your feet dry with the Ortholite sock liner.

Moreover, it allows the player maximum movements in multiple planes so that you can answer the incoming shots effectively. The AHAR technology makes the outsole exceptional for durability, equipped with high abrasion rubber.

The shoes have removed the mistakes of the previous version with the Pguard Toe Protector to protect small toes while playing. You will feel comfortable and fit in place while using the shoes in the hard-courts.


Asics Gel Challenger 12 is all-time favorite shoes for the players due to its following reasons:

  • Its outsole is strategically positioned to cover critical areas of your feet that have 50% more durable rubber included.
  • The shoes are light in weight so that the user remain comfortable inside while playing.
  • It mechanically supportive outsoles the shoes more effectual with reduced effects of wear.
  • You have a chance to choose between different color schemes if you go with these tennis shoes.
  • The ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA midsoles make it more durable and long-lasting having high cushioning.
  • Reduced weight with structure integrity
  • Rare and forefoot gel cushioning system
  • Allows Movement in multiple planes
  • More durable outsole
  • Supportive baseline
  • Increased ease in lateral movements
  • Toe protection included
  • Available in different color schemes
  • Enhanced stability in the court
  • The edge of the shoe triggers slight scouring
  • Issues in the comfort of the ball of the foot

Bottom Line

The Asics Gel is the modified version with fixed Technologies, therefore, offering more stability and more light in weight. The shoes speed up the performance of the player on the court. You will feel more confident after wearing these shoes.

For good value tennis shoes, Asics gel game 8 is the first priority of the players. Make your game more worth watching with enhanced agility and more lateral movements. You will feel more comfortable and stable while wearing these shoes. It comes with a midsole EVA technology to aid the user in long session games.

It also provides stability to your feet and cushioning to reduce the injury. If you are a beginner or a pro player, in both cases, you can use the shoes for a better user experience and high-end performance. The shoes will not let you down in any case, either it is a hard-court or a clay-court.

You stay protected from the high-density shots and using the shoes will increase your confidence to answer the incoming shots. With the forefoot Gel cushioning system, the rebound is increased than before. On the positive side, its sleek and smart design is more attractive and provides you with an attractive look in the court.


We have added Asics gel game 8 to the list of best tennis shoes for men due to its following unmatchable features:

  • Playtesters love the delightful way the Asics Gel Game 8’s gel padding relaxes the effect even through long hours of use.
  • With an open mesh cowl and moisture-wicking OrthoLite insole, you may revel in stepped forward air flow and flexibility.
  • In the case of traction and stability, you will find it matchless.
  • With a removable sock liner,  the user can accommodate his/her medical orthotic as well.
  • It has a supportive framework with high-padded cushioning.
  • The forefoot Gel Cushioning is a reliable shock-absorbent so that you stay safe from unwanted injuries.
  • Padded cushioning
  • Reliable support
  • Recommended for both beginners and pro players
  • Removable Ortholite sock liner
  • Stylish design
  • EVA midsole
  • Enhanced stability
  • More lateral support
  • Sides are tighten
  • Not for large feet

Bottom Line

A considerable sum of the features of the shoes makes it worth buying. It offers the user great comfort and stable enough to bring you towards a pushing point. Its streamlined and sleek structure provides the player with greater flexibility. On the negative side, the edge of the shoes rubs against your feet that can injure you. It’s one from that Asics will get you covered for your training games, just for a less expensive cost.

Things to consider before buying tennis shoes

Before selecting your product, I have a few suggestions on which you can work to get better shoes for you. Most of the best tennis shoes are overpriced, and everyone cannot afford them. Therefore, before heading towards the market, read the following instructions carefully so that your money doesn’t get wasted.

Most of the buyers get confused while choosing their product. To figure out their confusion, we have enlisted the key factors you must look upon while buying a product. In reality, 80% of your game is dependent on your comfort. To add comfort while playing, bring the best tennis shoes and rock the court!

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To get the best shoes for you, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

1: Check for the side to side stability

Lateral stability means a lot when you are supposed to answer the aggressive shots. In Tennis shoes, it is a supportive feature; a buyer must look for it while buying the shoes. To enhance the side by side stability, the manufacturers of the shoes add plastic shanks, outriggers, or synthetic overlays in the shoes. All these materials affect tennis shoes.

The purpose behind adding the synthetic layers is to lock the feet of the player in the shoes. It is also helpful in resisting the unwanted twisting and distortion of the player. On the positive side, it also promotes the hill strength of the player to increase its stability on the ground. With the help of outriggers, the forefoot section of the sole is more extensive so that the athletic feet fully adjust inside.

2: The heel support must be maximum

The ankle protection and heel support are the major factors that make the shoes the best choice for the players. Apart from other stability features, several key points add comfort to the user.  The thickness of the padding of the shoes decides the heel support strength. Your feet are planted in a secure place with the maximum thickness of collar padding.

3: Maximum durability adds more comfort

The best tennis shoes must offer you the feature of maximum durability so that your feet remain stress-free while playing. In case if you play with less durable shoes, you are more susceptible to injury while playing on abrasive court surfaces. Most tennis players are trained to defeat the harshness of the court with abrasion-resistant features. To overcome the tyranny, the shoes come with reinforced rubber caps and heavy-duty outsoles for better performance.

One of the best ways of checking the good durability is the outsole durability warranty that comes with the shoes. The warranty form allows you to replace your footwear within 6 months of purchase if you are not satisfied with the performance of the shoes.

4: Your footwear must be light in weight

The ability of your performance in the court is dependent on the weight of the shoes you are wearing. Lightweight shoes enhance your ability to perform well on the court. Moreover, this will allow you to be more agile in your shots. Regarding the weight, the flexibility and fast movement of the player matters a lot. Make sure that you are choosing the shoes that have the minimum weight of the construction material used. Most of the time, the latter loaded in the shoes to increase the supportive features make the footwear more cumbersome.

5: The shoes must be fully padded with an excellent protection layer

While selecting the tennis shoes, there remains a tussle between the lateral stability and cushioning of the product. The heel to toe midsole is vital for lateral stability, but it can add more weight to your shoes. Be sure that your shoes made material is feather-weighed so that you stay comfortable inside. Technically, the shoes contain airbags, dense foam, or silicone-based gels that increase the protective layers. This reduces the risk of injuries and buffers the feet from the impact of foot disorders.

6: The shoes must contain dense foam and silicone gels

For protection against unintended injuries, keep in mind you have to buy shoes that are dense in padding and must contain silicone gels. It will provide you with extra support and keep your feet in place while you are attending the hard shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my casual running shoes for playing tennis?

Most people use their casual running shoes to play tennis. However, we advise you to use the proper tennis shoes for the game to enhance your performance and for the sake of a better experience. These shoes maintain your proper posture and come with a court-ready outsole.

Do all the tennis shoes compatible with long sessions and games?

Tennis shoes are specially designed to withstand the harshness of concrete courts. Most of the shoes are compatible with long session practices and daily gaming. The manufacturers of the shoes make the outsole ready to fit with supportive features that help you stabilize your foot while playing.

Is it ok to use clay-court tennis shoes for hard-court?

It is not a hard and fast rule that you cannot use the clay-court tennis shoes on the hardcourt. The general fact is that clay- court tennis shoes have less cushioning and traction than hardcourt shoes. If you use your clay-court shoes on the concrete surface, it is more susceptible to wear and tear. Consequently, it will reduce the lifespan of shoes.

Which one is budget-friendly tennis shoes for all?

Most affordable tennis shoes come in the range of $65 to $80. Samudra shoes that come under this price range are NikeCourt Lite 2, New Balance 696v3, Adidas Barricade Court, and Asics Gel Dedicate 5. All these shoes are unbeatable in their performance.

For how long can I use my previous tennis shoes?

The lifespan of tennis shoes depends on the firmness of the midsole. There is no particular or definite duration when your tennis shoes expire. According to the most probable estimation, the midsole starts tearing out after 45 to 60 hours of use. However, it also depends on the type of court you are playing. Besides how much you play a week on average.


Buying tennis shoes for professional tennis players is a tricky process, indeed! To help them in selecting their product, we have enlisted the best tennis shoes in the above content.

The factors that make the shoes perfect for use cannot be compiled in a single product. In addition to this, while choosing your product, make sure that it suits best to your feet and playing scenario.

All the above-mentioned products are selected under expert supervision, but still, there exist a number of factors that you have to follow up. Before ordering the shoes, keep in mind your court scheme, the intensity of the game, your playing method, and the fitness of the shoes.

If you go with any of the products from the list above, we will love to hear about your experience. We will be waiting to listen to your review of the best tennis shoes.

Happy gaming!

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